Zorloo Ztella Integrated USB-DAC Cable Review

Ztella Integrated USB-DAC Cable



The Zorloo Ztella Integrated USB-DAC Cable is the only accessory you need to turn your phone or computer into a Pro HiFi digital audio player.

Zorloo Ztella Integrated USB-DAC Cable Review

My experience with DACs is that they are big, bulky and live on my desk. You don’t want to have to pack them when you go out and about, so the Ztella Integrated USB-DAC Cable is for you.

It features SABRE DAC from ESS Technology and MQA rendering all in a tiny slither of cabling. You just place it into your device and then plug in your headphones. I ended up leaving it plugged into my headphones, and forgot I even had it.

For testing, I made sure to use FLAC files on my device or use a high-fi streaming service such as Tidal. I tested on my S10+, Windows PC and an iPhone.

Zorloo Ztella Integrated USB-DAC Cable Review

Listening to tracks I found that it added bass weight, increases treble definition and instrument separation. It gives a more spacious overall nicer sound. The most obvious difference was in my S10+. The music sounded like it was recorded in a different room, and you can point out instruments.

Tracks by Aersomth were gritty and sounded almost harsh on the ears, as the bass rumbled through my skull. Classical tracks were an experience, with the instruments all sounding crystal clear.

The Ztella handles all the audio-based jobs, ensuring that you get the best possible sound from your device. You can use it on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

Zorloo Ztella Integrated USB-DAC Cable Review

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