YOTO Player’s The Gruffalo and Friends Collection: A Whimsical Journey for Tiny Ears

YOTO Player's The Gruffalo and Friends Collection



Price: £24.99
Author: Julia Donaldson
Total Time: 2 hours 19 minutes
Language: English
Recommended Age: 3-5 years
Read By: Various voices

As a writer with a keen interest in technology and its intersection with day-to-day life, I was delighted to explore YOTO Players The Gruffalo and Friends Collection. Targeted for young children aged between 3 and 5, this audio compilation showcases six stellar tales from Julia Donaldson, a powerhouse in children’s literature in the UK.

Contents That Enchant

This pack is a brilliant introduction or revisitation of Julia Donaldson’s universe. It includes:

  1. The Gruffalo
  2. Room on the Broom
  3. The Snail and the Whale
  4. Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book
  5. Monkey Puzzle
  6. The Smartest Giant in Town

From venturing into the “deep dark wood” with the Gruffalo to finding Monkey’s mum in the jungle, the collection keeps young listeners captivated with whimsical storytelling.

Production Quality

The voice acting from a range of different artists complements the stories perfectly. Distinctive voices for characters add layers to the narrative, enriching the child’s imaginative landscape. The background music is subtle yet effective, carefully chosen to augment the emotional high and low points of the stories.

User Experience

One notable feature is the careful attention to user experience for the little ones. While designed for children aged 3-5, the YOTO Player makes it clear that those under 3 should operate the device under adult supervision. This foresight demonstrates YOTO’s commitment to providing an age-appropriate yet secure experience.

Additional Perks

The collection isn’t just a one-off listen; it includes read-along versions and thematic songs related to each story. Whether it’s “The Gruffalo Song” or “The Smartest Giant Song,” these catchy tunes will surely have your young ones humming along.

Educational Value

Julia Donaldson’s stories aren’t just entertaining; they also carry underlying messages that can be pivotal in a child’s developmental stage. Themes like kindness, courage, and the importance of friendship are woven subtly into the narratives.


While the pack is in English, it would benefit from multilingual options, making it more accessible to non-English speaking families. Moreover, options for children with special needs could widen its appeal.

Final Thoughts

The Gruffalo and Friends Collection is a well-curated, expertly produced, and thoroughly enjoyable audio experience for young children. While it is fairly priced at £24.99, the richness of content and production makes it a valuable investment for nurturing young imaginations.

Rating: 9/10

For its captivating storytelling, high-quality production, and attention to user safety, I am compelled to give this collection a rating of 9 out of 10. It slightly misses the perfect score due to the lack of multilingual and special needs options. Nonetheless, it’s a near-perfect package that promises hours of enjoyable and educational listening for your little ones.

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