XtremeSkins for Steam Deck Review

XtremeSkins for Steam Deck



The XtremeSkins for Steam Deck covers the front, back and trackpads. Precision cut-outs for the logo, controls and buttons. Their vinyl can be re-lifted, repositioned and stretched with a hair dryer. They use high-quality glue that does not harm your handheld console and doesn’t leave any residual glue after removal.

XtremeSkins Steam Deck Review

The back of the vinyl comes with air release, making it easy to wrap and refuse air bubbles. It protects your handheld console from scuffs, scratches, UV rays, dirt, grease and surface water. Alcohol wipes are included to ensure perfect adhesion to your Steam Deck.

XtremeSkins for Steam Deck Review

Material and cut quality are every bit as good as anything I’ve had from dbrand before, and application is easy as long as you have heat and patience. I took my time applying low heat and slowly working the wrinkles toward the edges until they disappeared, patience is everything. And if anything goes wrong you can peel, heat and reapply. No big deal.

XtremeSkins for Steam Deck Review

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the quality and price of the XtremeSkins for Steam Deck, I honestly think dbrand shot itself in the foot getting rid of customization, and XtremeSkins is there to pick up the pieces.

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