Xreart iPhone 3GS Teardown Frame Review

Xreart iPhone 3GS Teardown Frame



Xreart iPhone 3GS Teardown Frame is a tribute to the iPhone 3GS, Xreart built this iPhone frame by hand to present each part of the device through disassembling. They hope that, by building this framed deconstruction artwork, they can help you permanently preserve the tech products that are of special significance to you.

The back of the frame is made from cardboard and has mounting clips built in. The back is eaily removable via rotating clips built along the edge. The inner board is like crafting paper and is very thin. I was a little suprised and was expecting something a bit tougher.

Xreart iPhone 3GS Teardown Frame Review

The inner board has all the component names on it along with a short description. All the parts of the iPhone are laid out perfectly and cleanly, giving it a very modern “Apple” feel.

One problem with the frame was the protective cover on the pexi front. It goes right to the edge, meaning that I had to take the back off in order to remove it properly. Just putting it on the outside would’ve made it so much easier.

Overall, the Xreart iPhone 3GS Teardown Frame is very easy to set up. Disassemble it to get the plastic off is a pain, and I will warn you to take care of the whiteboard inside. But once you have the film off, mounting it is just like any other frame.

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