Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review

Xiaomi Mi Band 4



Xiaomi’s Mi Band 4, packs a colored AMOLED display and a slew of other upgrades under its sleek hood.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review

Gone is the curved screen from the Mi Band 3, which has been replaced with a flatter display. The Mi Band 4 also uses a flat level button, as opposed to the bunker design from the Mi Band 3.

The Mi Band 4 has a larger color screen. I found notifications popped on it, whether this was from Whatsapp or a timer I had set. It came with a black and a white rubber strap. Though I found you can easily find a replacement strap on Amazon.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review

There is a proprietary charger included. This is a little dock, which you can place the Mi Band 4 into after popping it out of the band. I wouldn’t worry about having to do it often as the battery seems to last around 20 days for me.

The Mi Band 4‘s display has a resolution of 128 x 240. The color depth is 24bit and the brightness can go up to 400 nits. The device Bluetooth 5.0, this allows it to connect to the Mi Band app on your phone.

The sensors included are an accelerometer, gyroscope, PPG Heart-rate sensor, and a capacitive proximity sensor. I was happy to see it’s waterproof for up to 50 meters and can withstand 5 ATMs of pressure.

The Mi Fit app allows you to change the watch face display, which wasn’t possible on previous variants. There are also apps on the Play Store which will give you unlimited watch face possibilities.

I found the battery impressive but will add that turning on features such as heart rate monitor ever 30 mins will make the battery drain faster.

The Mi Band 4 tracks most of the things, other products do. This includes heart rates and steps taken. But the secret is the six-axis sensor on the Mi Band 4. This allows it to learn new activities, you can teach it something to track. Once learned, it will recognize it and then track it for you.

There are 6 workout modes: Treadmill, exercise, outdoor running,
cycling, walking, pool swimming. This will count the steps, distance,
and calories burned

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review

The app has numerous options to set up the band how you want. You will also get notifications, along with previews and vibrations. You can also change the volume of your music without getting out your phone.

There is no SPO2 sensor, which estimates the amount of oxygen in the blood. Also, there is no emoji support on text notifications, not a killer feature but would have been nice to see.

The Mi Band 4 is an impressive fitness tracker. Its long list of features for less then £50 is a huge achievement. Finally, check out our other lifestyle reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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