X-Sense Home Security System Review

X-Sense Home Security System



The X-Sense Home Security System features a wide-area LoRa technology. This keeps all devices connected and communicating, with coverage range up to 1.25 miles in the open air for all household sizes and some small commercial properties.

Without the need for an additional range extender, LoRa technology maintains a stable connection between devices within a 1 ¼-mile range, providing full coverage with no matter the size of your home.

The 128-bit AES encryption algorithm for data transmission between devices, and the ECC encryption algorithm for data transmission to the cloud server, will certainly protect your system from being attacked.

X-Sense Home Security System Review

X-Sense Home Security System Review

Download the X-Sense Home Security app and build your alarm system with only a few steps, without any technical knowledge required. Almost everything in the system can be set up. You’re able to customize the base station sound and brightness level, select alarm tones for each sensor, set up motion sensor sensitivity, and tailor your Away/Home modes. Create a security system that suits your needs!

The motion sensor, which has 40-foot and 110-degree detection coverage, will let you know unexpected motion from inside your house in real-time. The entry sensor monitors doors and windows to safeguard every entrance to your home.

The base station has a backup battery so the base station can be placed in a difficult place for intruders to reach. That is one disadvantage an intruder has when entering a property. The property owner knows where everything is so should the base station be put in a high and out of reach place, the property owner can quickly get to the step ladders as he/she knows exactly where they are, should there be a false alarm and a remote control/phone isn’t handy and turning off a false alarm will be quicker to do manually. An intruder however does not know where everything is so should an alarm go off an intruder is likely to start panicking. He/she will immediately head towards the alarm to try to disable it. As the base station can be out of reach, the intruder is likely to pull the USB cable out or unplug it from the socket. As the alarm continues, with the backup battery the intruder is likely to leave the property quickly and hopefully empty-handed.

Add this bit of kit, with some more sensors and add it to a couple of CCTV cameras and one has good, strong security for the home. However, security systems are more of a deterrent than anything else as amateur burglars/thieves will stay away from protected properties but no security stops a professional. As professionals normally have something of value already known to them, as the target, it means most homes are well protected as not everybody has a £2million tiara, a £5million painting or keeps £200,000 in a safe at home. Professionals are not interested in one’s £1,00 Tv, £400 stereo etc. and amateurs won’t take the risk of getting caught if there is a security system.

Alone, this kit is a nice bit of security, with a couple of cameras and this is an excellent product as not only can an alarm sound, the property owner be notified, should a window or door be opened but the cameras can record the intruder so even if he/she does steal any goods there is more chance the thief will be caught in a quick enough time to recover most, if not all, of the stolen items.

The kit is so easy to install and comes with all the necessary bits and pieces. The only negative thing I can see with this product is that the sensors have disposable batteries rather than USB Ports to allow rechargeables but that is not really an issue as the batteries can last up to three years before needing to be replaced.

I am certainly recommending this nice bit of security kit as not only can it protect the property’s external boundary but with more sensors, it can also protect sheds, garages and even internal doors to prevent unauthorised access to particular rooms when holding social gatherings. It is well made, good quality and for the protection, it can provide it is certainly good value.

Overall, the X-Sense Home Security System is a great cheap system.

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