W’ZIS? Dog Treats Without Meat Review

W'ZIS? Dog Treats Without Meat



Most dog brands follow the aesthetic of the baby-food aisle, with childish illustrations, infantile language, smelly and beige. Or worse, they’re merely functional products with ugly packaging, and we struggle to believe people purchase them for their beloved pets. W’ZIS Dog Treats Without Meat know they can do better.

W'ZIS? Dog Treats Without Meat Review
  • W’ZIS (what’s this), a name that your dog will already know, no training required there. 
  • What’s that? A treat that looks like no other.
  • Pocket or purse-friendly smells that dog’s love but won’t make you retch.
  • A funky tin that rattles when you shake, perfect for those stubborn recall moments.
  • And it’s healthy and vegan. No nasties, and to us, why put meat into treats when plants can do the job just as well? We’re not saying go 100% vegan (although it’s a great idea), but these little treats are doing their bit to reduce our burden on the planet’s resources.

They came in some very bright and colourful packaging and the little tins are perfect for when you go on a walk and our dog fancies a treat. They are a durable, and reusable tin that will slip effortlessly into your pocket or purse. Keeping the treats fresh and the smell locked in — or else you’ll have more doggy friends than you bargained for.

W’ZIS? has created a line of unique, all-natural meat-free treats, which are also grain and gluten-free, low in calories, and presented in eye-catching colours. The initial range includes three different flavours, called Postman And Roast, Slipper And Biscuit and Lamp Post And Chips.

W'ZIS? Dog Treats Without Meat Review

Dubya Lights are a meat-free dog treat that turns a sniffy nose up to dull brown and bone-shaped snacks. With the Dubya, they’re dialling up their W’ZIS-ness. Big and bold and jauntily ‘W’ shaped. Something for your hound to get his or her teeth into. It’s the treat equivalent of a win/win, which brings us neatly back to that perfectly formed Dubya.

The whole brand is doing a lot of new things in the dog treat market. It’s trying bold flavours, natural ingredients and colourful packaging. Overall, W’ZIS? Dog Treats Without Meat are a fantastic treat for your pooch.

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