Wuben D1 Flood EDC Flashlight Review

Wuben D1 Flood EDC Flashlight



The Wuben D1 Flood EDC Flashlight offered a maximum out of 1100 lumens, with a multiangle and as wide as 175 degrees, the combination of a high beam and dipped beam can illuminate a large amount of space according to your needs.

It utilizes a 18650 li-ion battery, which offers up to 150 hours. It can serve as a power bank for your mobile phone via its Type-C port. Also, it features four brightness levels and SOS modes, with a Blue breathing light ideal for an evening hunt.

There’s a dual-way clip that allows users to keep it safe in the pocket weighs only 109g (battery included), and has a size of 4.13 x 0.93 inches. Tap the button to switch between High /Medium /Low /Moon /Strobe and SOS mode. Easy operation with one hand.

The D1 is an e-switch operated EDC flashlight. It comes with flat black anodization and an excellent finish. The body and tail of the light have an interesting pattern applied to them. The e-switch is mounted on the side of the head and is backlit (blue and red).

Wuben D1 Flood EDC Flashlight Review

Wuben D1 Flood EDC Flashlight Review

The D1 uses a polished metal front bezel and uses AR coated lens. The head houses the TIR lens along with the Osram P9 emitter. The driver is press fit and glued to the rear of the head. It’s worth noting that the head is glued to the body. I took it apart using a pair of strap wrenches.

The tail of the flashlight is completely flat, which allows it to tail stand. A large copper spring along with a strong magnet is placed into the D1’s tail. The rear threads are anodized and cleanly cut. Thanks to the anodization, the flashlight can be mechanically locked out.

The head’s threads are also anodized but bear in mind that by default they are glued. The Wuben D1 comes with a head-mounted bidirectional pocket clip. The flashlight comes with a USB-C rechargeable 18650 battery rated with 3400mAh of capacity.

A special USB-C to USB-A dongle arrived with a flashlight that can be used to charge and discharge the cell. This means that the 18650 cells can be used as an emergency powerbank. Here’s a pic showing 1A being drawn from the cell using the included dongle.

Here are all the supported actions supported by the flashlight’s firmware:

  • Turn on/off: Single press.
  • Mode cycle**:** Long press ( Moonlight > Low > Mid > High > Moonlight > … )
  • Moonlight quick-access: Long press while off.
  • High quick-access: Double press while turned on.
  • Strobe: Double press while turned off or while in High.
  • SOS: Double press while in Strobe.
  • Enable / Disable locator LED: Triple press while off.
  • Lock / Unlock: Quadruple press while off.

The Wuben D1 pushes more than 1200 lumen at its highest output mode. Since this is an engineering sample, I’m not able to guarantee that the production modes will implement this mode spacing and output.

Even though the parasitic drain with the locator LED off is excellent, I noticed that the flashlight will draw 1mA while the indicator LED is on. To me, it seems that something is misconfigured with the flashlight’s MCU, as we should be seeing a much lower parasitic drain when using the indicator LED. I’ve made sure to report this problem to the manufacturer so that it’s corrected before the public release of the flashlight.

Overall I found the Wuben D1 Flood EDC Flashlight to be a great EDC flashlight. Its design is compact, the mode spacing is excellent and the TIR lens produces a great combination of flood and throw.

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