Wuben C2 2000 Lumens Flashlight Review

Wuben C2 2000 Lumens Flashlight



The Wuben C2 is a powerful 2000 lumens Flashlight with one of the longest beams I have seen at 358 meters.

It comes equipped with a rechargeable battery and it can also be used as a power bank to charge your smartphone, camera, or walkie-talkie. I tested this in the field and the charge was as good as a portable battery. This means I now have one less thing to carry. Also, the battery is a standard 21700 battery, but it’s also compatible with a 18650 battery if you wanted to use that instead.

Wuben C2 2000 Lumens Flashlight Review

There is a built-in intelligent circuit. This means that the C2 emits a constant current to improve the beam stability. This was really noticeable and the beam was a lot more solid than other cheaper flashlights. The C2 has an IP68 waterproof rating. I was able to drop this from around 1.5m and it didn’t break or show any damage whatsoever.

I use a torch when taking my dog for a walk during the dark winter mornings and evenings. My old faithful rubber torch had conked out, so I needed a replacement. The C2 does the job and works really well. It’s a little heavier than I expected. I did find the hand strap too small, but I was able to adjust it to fit. The material makes it slippery in the rain, so I would recommend using the strap.

Overall, the Wuben C2 2000 Lumens Flashlight is a perfect accessory for any outdoorsman.

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