WoodWick 3 Mini Hourglass Candle Gift Set Review

WoodWick 3 Mini Hourglass Candle Gift Set



The WoodWick 3 Mini Hourglass Gift Set offers the perfect cosy touch for any home this winter. They help create a multi-sensory experience as the candle crackles as it burns. The WoodWick candles’ feature natural wooden wicks, premium fragrances and sophisticated designs that provide a unique experience that indulges the senses. The Pluswick Innovation creates a beautiful even burn and creates the soothing sounds of a crackling fire.

WoodWick 3 Mini Hourglass Candle Gift Set Review

Woodwick new, improved wick design – PLUSWICK® INNOVATION

The 3 Mini Hourglass Gift Set comes in a solid black box. It’s all black except for the WoodWick logo on the top and bottom. Lifting the lid, and you are greeted by an amazing smell. This is the combination of the 3 candles and it makes you want to light them as soon as possible.

Each candle is an hourglass shape. They feature a wooden lid, with a black rubber seal to keep them fresh. They each have a WoodWick sticker on the front.

WoodWick 3 Mini Hourglass Candle Gift Set Review

These candles use a Pluswick, this is a wooden wick shaped like a cross. This innovative wick design has two main advantages. The wick burns steadily and straight and also creates a crackling sound. Lighting this in the evenings brings images of a wooden fireplace.

The three fragrances I had were Fireside, Coastal Sunset and Vanilla Bean. Vanilla Bean is a smooth desert smell, with a rich vanilla essence to it. Fireside is a sweet berry smell which is my favourite. 

WoodWick 3 Mini Hourglass Candle Gift Set Review

Give the perfect year-round gift. Filled with much-loved WoodWick fragrances in gorgeous gift packaging they’re sure to love. Featuring 3 Mini Jar Candles in favourite fragrances packaged in an elegant black gift box.

Available in Fireside, Coastal Sunset and Vanilla Bean and also Crimson Berries, Frasier Fir and White Teak.

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