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Established for over 50 years, Forma exclusively manage and distribute a diverse portfolio of design-led home & giftware across the UK, supplying an incredible mix of both independent and National retailers including: John Lewis, Lakeland, Harvey Nichols and Asos. The website also serves consumers as a portal across the UK wishing to order directly. 


Dreamfarm Spina – £24.95 Exclusive to Lakeland (available Nov 2020)

You spin me right round baby! Introducing ‘Spina’ – the colander that turns into an in-sink salad spinner with collapsible handle for space-saving storage.

Spinner takes all… Spina is a salad-spinner, colander and strainer all-in-one, perfect for spin drying salads, vegetables, berries, grapes, pasta and more. A real curve wall… the large capacity basket has overhang sides to keep food in and stop from spinning out. Let it all sink in… the non-slip foot also pivots for secure, high RPM spinning for fast-drying in the sink. Pump the brakes… the handle pushes down for some quick-stop breaking action and tucks in for easy-storage after use. 

Winter home & kitchenware from - Jabba Reviews

Three litre capacity & dishwasher safe.
GOOD DESIGN AWARD Gold Winner 2020 – Spina by Dreamfarm

ORLID 1.jpg

Dreamfarm Orlid – £6.95 each (available Oct 2020)

New lid on the block… meet Orlid, the stackable spice jar with a double lid that opens to shake or scoop.

Prepare to meet your shaker… Orlid flips open to an adjustable shaker for sprinkling, or fully opens for scooping, pouring, or easily refilling. Double or nothing… Orlid’s double action lid is opened with the simple touch of a button. Stacked in your favour… Orlid nests in stacks for secure-moving, space-saving storage and easy viewing. The Spice is Right… made from borosilicate glass and a BPA free plastic lid. 

Winter home & kitchenware from - Jabba Reviews

RedDot Award Winner 2020
GOOD DESIGN AWARD Gold Winner 2020 – Orlid by Dreamfarm


Eva Solo black soap dispenser – £28
Wash with a smile… this fun and practical soap dispenser makes a stylish addition for sink-side action in the kitchen, or next to the basin in the bathroom and can be used with both soap or washing-up liquid. The soap is dispensed with a simple press and is easy to fill – the user simply removes the spout. Despite its spherical shape, the soap dispenser will not roll around as it is weighted to ensure that it stays at the right angle. The dispenser is also easy to clean with a damp cloth.


Eva Solo Nordic kitchen sweep dustpan & brush set – £55
This practical and hygienic dustpan & brush set is designed to keep kitchen worktops nice and clean. The brush features silicone bristles, which can be used for both wet and dry sweeping, while the dustpan itself is designed with a sharp edge, so it’s easy to sweep into. When not in use, the brush clicks neatly into the dustpan to save space. The integrated leather cord can be used for hanging up the set so it is always within easy reach. The silicone bristles also withstand being washed and retain their shape even when used frequently. 

TOOL BOX 1.jpg

Eva Solo Nordic kitchen toolbox with spoon and lid – £55
There is always a spoon to hand for dispensing the contents of this organiser – it’s simply integrated into the lid. The spoon also doubles as a handle, so it’s easy to move around the kitchen. Helping to keep kitchen worktops clear and tidy, this practical organiser can be used for all sorts of ingredients – coffee, salt, almonds and raisins. The lid is also airtight to retain flavours. With its modern design and mix of simple materials, the organiser blends in well with any contemporary kitchen space. The organiser is dishwasher-safe, while the spoon just needs wiping with a damp cloth. 

Winter home & kitchenware from - Jabba Reviews

Eva Solo oil & vinegar carafe 0.5L – £35 each
The drip-free pouring spout of these stunning borosilicate glass carafes pour precisely without leaving any marks on the table or tablecloth. The tightly fitting stopper retains both the aroma and flavour, and also ensures that the dressing is not tainted with strong flavours from other foods in the fridge. The flask is made of borosilicate glass, which can withstand both hot and cold fluids.


Winter home & kitchenware from - Jabba Reviews

Eva Solo Fire Globe – £295
Nothing is cosier than gathering around a bonfire with its beautiful flames & intense heat, and with the decorative FireGlobe fireplace, it is safe to light a fire directly onto the patio or elsewhere in the garden. The powder-coated aluminium base beautifully sets off the flickering golden flames,with the fireplace creating the perfect mood and warming heat when it starts to feel cool outside.

FireGlobe is almost sculptural with its hemispherical shape that cleverly protects the fire from the wind. FireGlobe is not just for cool spring evenings and the summer – it is also intended as a decorative and warming element to use during autumn and winter.

Winter home & kitchenware from - Jabba Reviews

FireGlobe does not have to sit in the same place all the time, it is easy to move around the garden or patio thanks to the hole in the top, which acts as a handle. A loose grate in the bottom of the globe ensures adequate ventilation, while the three legs keep the fire place sufficiently high above the ground to prevent scorching of grass or paving stones.

Winter home & kitchenware from - Jabba Reviews

Eva Solo Fire Globe log holder – £75
The FireGlobe log holder is an almost sculptural solution to storing firewood. The elegant yet sturdy log holder matches the design of the FireGlobe fireplace. The log holder is generously sized and practical, making it easy to move firewood around. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Finally, make sure to check out Jabba Reviews for more deals and reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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