Windscape Nintendo Switch Review

Windscape Nintendo Switch



Windscape on the Nintendo Switch is a first-person exploration action-adventure full of exciting challenges. Its unique art style is reflected in expansive worlds and their bizarre inhabitants. On your journey, you will find dark caves, ancient ruins and mysterious woods. By exploring the beautiful game world, mining resources and fighting epic monsters you collect numerous materials that can be used to craft items, weapons and armour.

You will travel across four unique islands as Ida, a young girl leaving the safety of her parents’ home for the first time. Find out about the secrets of the islands and make your way through challenging puzzles and thrilling boss encounters. Prepare for your enemies by changing your weapons: Use the magic of fire and ice, the brute force of a powerful mace or one of the many other weapons to overcome every tough situation. Should you need some healing or additional resistance against certain kinds of damage you can prepare stews and potions beforehand to always keep the upper hand. Now it is time to start your adventure.

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Windscape Nintendo Switch Review

Crafting is a big part of the game and is done via a stove and collecting resources. You have to follow recipes though, and can’t just chuck whatever into the pot. Forges can be used to turn raw resources into more useful recourses. The whole process is very easy to follow, and the world is stuffed to the top with resources to collect.

Missions are pretty straighforward and allow for maximum exploration of the world and a huge payout. Bosses I found to be a little too easy, and though was a nice distraction, they were easy to beat.

Windscape Nintendo Switch Review

Windscape is all about the world and exploration of it. All the RPG staples have been included but simplified. At times it can feel a little like Death Stranding, just walking around.

Baddies are dispatched with the classic, hit, block, repeat trope. Some will require a bit more thinking, but this worked for Fallen Order and works great here.

Windscape Nintendo Switch Review

Overall, graphics and performance are fine, with no issues to report. The look is very blocky, with sharp lines and bold colours. This feels like an updated Ocarina in Time design.

Overall, this is a much more relaxed RPG, allowing for slower gameplay. Also, with a lot of the elements simplified, you have time to explore and enjoy the world. Finally, please check out our gaming reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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