Wilko 5L Multi Cooker

Wilko 5L Multi Cooker



Wilko are known in the UK for their simple, good value products. The 5L Multi Cooker is their budget answer to the trend towards all-in-one cooking.

Wilko 5L Multi Cooker

The electric multi cooker is designed to allow time-poor home cooks to still prepare easy meals. It has a 5L capacity which I found more than enough for cooking for the two of us at home. I like that I can preset the function and delay it by up to 24 hours which lets me proactively prepare for the nights that usually end in a takeaway.

 The twelve preset functions include general and useful programs for rice, steaming, frying, stewing and pasta. There’s also a very specific option for porridge, and something called ‘beans/tendon’ – I haven’t a clue on that one. The keep warm option allows 24 hours of hot food which would be great if you have kids coming home at different hours.

Wilko 5L Multi Cooker

The multi cooker design is nice, with a simple silver finish and black face. The clock is an LED display and the different settings are highlighted with LEDs behind the display. The six control buttons are clearly labelled but feel plastic and cheap, and feel most likely to break first. It comes with a non-stick basket that is easily removed for cleaning and has helpful cup and litre measures on the side.

5L Multi Cooker Features

  • Capacity: 5L
  • Colour: Silver
  • Power: 700W
  • Washable: Wipe Clean Only
  • Size: 32 x 32 x 24.3cm 
  • Material: steel, plastic, aluminum, glass 

I’ve used this for slow-cooked casseroles a couple of times and been pleased with the outcome. The rice function was something I was most keen on as I hate cooking rice on the hob, but I didn’t find it any easier with the multi cooker helping me. A suggested 45 minutes seems too long, but the water had cooked off after about 20 minutes and the rice wasn’t finished so this took a long time.

Wilko 5L Multi Cooker

If you are looking for a basic multi cooker to look after week night meals for you and your family without breaking the bank then this is a good choice. However, it is far from perfect and you probably won’t use all of the presets, and not being able to pressure cook makes this a less flexible option than premium products like the Ninja Foodi.

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