Who Wants to be a Millionaire Board Game Review

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Board Game



Bring home the nation’s favourite game show and go head-to-head with your family and friends in the race to reach £1 million, with the Who Wants to be a Millionaire Board Game. Relive classic moments from the show and tackle the iconic money ladder using only your wits and digital lifelines (accessible through a smart device) to reach the top. But watch out! Get a question wrong and you fall back to your closest haven.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Board Game Review

Set the board in the centre of the table and place the playing tokens at the bottom of the money tree. Give each player matching A, B, C and D answer tokens, a safe haven token and four lifeline tokens. Within the game are two safe-havens. The first is at 10,000 and is depicted by the white text on that space. The second safe haven is decided by each of the players.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Board Game Features:

  • Contents: 1 x Who Wants to be a Millionaire Board Game
  • Climb the money tree to reach £1 million
  • Easy to pick up, trivia board game, like the TV show!
  • Digital lifelines accessible on your smartphone
  • Over 700 questions!
  • Number of players: 2+
  • Do you have what it takes to win a (virtual) million?

The safe havens act as safe spaces within the game and stop the player from dropping any further than that space after giving an incorrect answer. Each player chooses where they’d like their safe haven to be by placing their safe haven token on the desired space on the board. Finally, have a smart device, ideally a smartphone, handy. You will need this for some of the lifelines in the game.

To start, choose a player to act as host for the first question. Don’t worry: the host still gets to play, and the role of the host will switch after each question. The host takes a card from the 500 decks and reads out the question and multiple-choice answer options, being careful not to read the back of the card and to hide it from the other players. All players, including the host, then place their answer tokens face down in the final answer section of the board.

Once an answer is in the final answer section, it cannot be changed. If a player doesn’t know the answer, they can choose to use a lifeline instead. To play a lifeline, place the desired lifeline token face up in the lifeline section of the board. But choose carefully: each lifeline can only be used once per game. Once a lifeline has been used it is discarded and the player places their answer token in the final answer section of the board. Each player (or team) must give an answer to every question.

When all players have given their final answer, all the answer tokens are turned face up. The host flips the question card to reveal the correct answer. All players who gave a correct answer move their playing token one space up the money tree. Players who gave an incorrect answer fall back to the start position. The role of the host is then passed on to the next player, who draws a new question card.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Board Game Lifelines:

  • 50:50 – Removes two of the incorrect answers from the question, leaving only two potential answers.
  • PHONE A FRIEND – Ask a person not playing the game or physically phone a friend to help you answer the question.
  • ASK THE AUDIENCE – Shows the audience’s answers to that question. However, remember that the audience might not always be correct!
  • ASK THE HOST – The host reveals, to that player only, the answer they gave to the question.

When drawing questions, the host always takes the question from the deck matching the highest player on the money tree. For example, if four people are playing, one player on the 2,000 space and the remaining players on the 1,000 space, the host would take a question from the 2,000 decks. Play continues as above, with each player climbing the money tree when they give a correct answer or falling back to the closest safe haven when they give an incorrect answer.

Ever since the show revival with its new host, a whole new set of merchandising opportunities have opened up and this one attempts to allow you to recreate some of the drama at home through a board game.

The board game here is quite simple, you each have a counter and move it up the ladder when you get questions right until you hit the magic 1 million. Unlike the TV show, multiple players can compete with each other and play at once. The game makes sense and is simple.

The quality of the board and tokens could be improved. They are both relatively flimsy cardboard. The questions are sorted into monetary amounts, though are probably easier than the ones from the show meaning you’re likely to get a reasonable way up the ladder. Lifelines are recreated through the use of a web application which is a little clunky but adds to the gameplay.

Overall, the Who Wants to be a Millionaire Board Game is very easy to learn and play. 

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