What I learnt from playing Watch Dogs Legion the wrong way

This may turn into a bit of a rant of text, but these are just some thoughts from playing Watch Dogs Legion on the PlayStation 4.

What I learnt from playing Watch Dogs Legion the wrong way

1 – Recruitment

The idea of being able to hire anyone is bonkers and you can go a bit mad with it. But there are some things you should know before filling up your roster too early. Firstly the AI character in the game will highlight people of interest with a green blob. These are people the game thinks you would benefit from hiring and would be useful for missions. The next point is that when you complete a section of London, you get a member added to your team. These are normally high profile characters, with lots of benefits. I suspect you could get away with just using them, as they are more powerful. 

You will also need to use them! I got a bit lost just using one character that could summon a lifting drone, but soon realised that other characters offer skills I can use for other missions. Mainly the fight club, where one guy used gas canisters. I spent 4 goes trying to defeat him before I realised I had a lady that was immune to gas and she beat him on the first go.

Though I found I tend to play the same two people. This is my builder lady who can call a lifting drone and a hitman who is great when I need to drill through a load of baddies.

2 – Tech Points

When I found my builder lady, I was able to fly above areas and drop in a drone. This meant that I could easily access any part of the game and send the spider bot down to snoop around. The first upgrades I did was the spider bot, this allowed me to cloak, double jump and sprint. Making the spider bot the single most useful gadget in the whole arsenal. I then proceeded to fly around London until I saw a green square on the map. I’d then hover above the area, and drop int he spider bot. After a couple of playthroughs, I had completed all the upgrades on the Tech menu. This was before really playing any of the missions.

Now after upgrading I went back into the main missions. What I discovered was I would be re-visiting the old areas I had already been too. I knew the areas well and how to get around, and I got bored very quickly. Nothing was that new to me now and it was too easy with all the upgrades.

So I’d suggest playing the missions first and getting the tech upgrades as you go through.

3 – Money is worthless

This is a quick one, but yeah the money you get is worthless. It’s only possible to buy clothes, no new gadgets or weapons. Clothes are bought from several spots on the map and was forgotten about within 5 mins. Gadgets and weapons are acquired by recruiting people, so if you want something you have to swap to that person to use it.

4 – Side Missions

There are side missions, but if they offer money as a reward then these are built just to keep you busy. Things like the fight club side mission gave you money as a reward but also offered recruitment opportunities. So make sure you concentrate on the right missions.

5 – Explosions are a good thing

Very early on there was a tech point, which I couldn’t figure out how to get. It was in a room, with two doors. These two doors were locked via a point, that was inside the room. I assumed there was a way to get a spider bot inside to unlock them, but alas there wasn’t. I then figured out it was next to an explosive barrel, which I could explode. Once I did that the point broke and unlocked the doors.

So sometimes explosions are a good thing in this game. But, they will attract enemies.

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