Westone Audio MACH 20 Earphones Review

Westone Audio MACH 20 Earphones



Featuring big and punchy low end, the Westone Audio MACH 20 Earphones offers a quality soundstage and listening experience meant for any audience. The MACH 20 features a proprietary dual-driver system with single low, single mid/high.

An ergonomic design allows all day use, with no ear fatigue. BaX is a true high end reference cable consisting of very thin and ultra-strong silver plated copper cable. BaX conveys music with precision and grace while the lightweight cable disappears on your ear, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Protect your MACH 20 from the elements in our custom designed crushproof and watertight mini monitor vault. Also includes five pairs each of Westone Audio proprietary foam and silicone tips to ensure the perfect seal with maximum comfort. The Westone Audio MACH Series™ combines 35+ years of engineering and performance excellence to deliver sound quality the way it was intended to be heard. Every aspect of the MACH Series™ was purposely designed for both superior comfort and sound on and off the stage.

Westone Audio MACH 20 Earphones Review

Westone Audio MACH 20 Earphones Review

Overall, these are a very neutral sounding IEMs with impeccable resolution. Their resolution is far beyond most ChiFi products around this price range. If you’re wondering what the artists/producers/engineerd intended the music to sound like, the Westone will do a pretty darn good job of replicating that. These would serve as excellent benchmarks to compare other headphones to.

They create a very accurate sound image/soundstage (as if you were listening to studio monitors in a treated room), which is different to the listening experience you may be used to with traditional Hi-Fi speakers with lots of low end boom and air.

Their response is tight and accurate. The transients, reverb tail, delay, distortion, and any other intricacies are all very well articulated by their drivers.

Passive isolation with the correct seal is excellent – almost like you have one of those 3M hearing protection rubber earmuffs on. These are also one of the best fitting IEMs in my ears personally in terms of comfort. Comes with a large variety of ear tips (silicone and foam) and most people should be able to achieve a comfortable seal and depth.

The downsides to these would be a slightly less detailed bass response. The bass is there, and sounds great. However, when the bass (<150Hz) is compared to the rest of the spectrum, I find that the resolution is relatively less. For example, in some songs, distinguishing the bass guitar/kick or trombone/euphonium with these requires more effort vs. the higher models in their series (W60/80).

Overall, when I use the Westone Audio MACH 20 Earphones to listen to music I feel like I’m at work. These expose so much detail that the subtle flaws in your music are now obvious. When you’re bouncing tracks to lower bit rates, the flaws in your compressed files will be exposed!

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