Wefix Smartphone & Tablet Repair Service Review

Wefix Smartphone & Tablet Repair Service



Wefix Smartphone & Tablet Repair Service. Samsung launches ‘We Come To You’ in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs to 95% of the UK Samsung partners with UK service specialist WeFix.co.uk to launch nationwide mobile smartphone and tablet repair service.

Wefix Smartphone & Tablet Repair Service Review

The service was super easy to arrange, it’s all done in 5 steps:

  • Select your device and what needs repairing – If you can’t see it, give Wefix a ring and they should be able to help.
  • Choose a day – You can’t pick a time, this is given to you on the day around 8 am
  • They come to you – You will be text time, and then you can track the Wefix van going to your location
  • Fixed on location – This is the big selling point, the van arrives, they collect your device and you wait for them to repair it on site.
  • Checks – After the repair, they will do a warranty check on the device and return it to you. All repairs are guaranteed for twelve whole months.

WeFix – Mobile Phone & Tablet Repair

After confirming the day, I got a text around 8 am the following morning with my hour time slot. I also got a tracking link via email, so I can see the van and when it is on its way to me.

It arrived early, and I wasn’t home. He called and said he was happy to wait until I was home, and was within the time slot. I gave him my phone, which was an S9+ with a crack on the screen. He then went into his van to work.

Wefix Smartphone & Tablet Repair Service Review

After around 45 mins, he gave me my phone back, with a new screen. He also confirmed the phone had been fully tested and was now back in warranty conditions.

Overall the service was amazing, it was quick, easy to book and no hassle on my part. The fact they come to your work or home makes it super easy to get your devices fixed.

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