Weekend Roundup – Best of Nintendo Switch Games

Welcome to your weekend roundup. This week we have collected the best Nintendo Switch games for September.

Magic Nations

Overall Rating: 7.3

Why we loved it: Its a cheap, easy to pick up game. Which is great for when you are on the go.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas Nintendo Switch

Overall Rating: 8.5

Why we loved it: The inclusion of a physical ship is great and makes you want to collect all the parts. The addition of Fox McCloud is even better and makes us pine for a Starfox game.


Overall Rating: 8.5

Why we loved it: Great looking 8bit graphics, with simple controls and unique character designs. The game-play can be a bit repetitive.


Overall Rating: 7.0

Why we loved it:  It’s super fun and highly addictive. Please invest the time into learning the controls and you’ll love it.

Trine 2

Overall Rating: 9.5

Why we loved it:  Trine 2 is a great puzzle platformer to have in your roster. It’s fun and has great replay potential.

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