Weekend Roundup – Best of Back to School

Welcome to your weekend roundup. This week we have collected the best back-to-school tech and accessories ready for September.

PNY Powerpack Slim Battery

Overall Rating: 7.5

Why we loved it: Perfectly tiny, and holds a good amount of charge, this budget charging pack is great for throwing in a backpack without adding bulk and weight.

Thumbs Up Sloth 3-in-1 USB Cable

Overall Rating: 8

Why we loved it: Sloths are on-trend at the moment and this sweet cable provides adapters for USB-C, USB, and Lightning so it is adaptable – plus you only need one cable for most uses.

Alcatel 30.25X

Overall Rating: 6.5

Why we loved it: Whilst we didn’t rate this phone highly based on specs, it is a perfect phone for a younger pupil who needs to keep in touch with their parents and friends for safety.

Logitech MX Vertical Mouse

Overall Rating: 8.5

Why we loved it: A fantastic ergonomic mouse that makes long hours of computer work easy and comfortable, great for students working on their coursework at home.

Sandisk iXpand V2 USB Flash Drive

Overall Rating: 8.8

Why we loved it: This multi-functional back up USB Flash Drive is super-small, with plenty of memory, and social media backup. Perfect for a teenager.

RiutBag R15.3 Secure Backpack

Overall Rating: 9

Why we loved it: The bag is expensive but gives an incredible amount of space, plus high-tech materials that will protect any precious contents.

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