Warparty Nintendo Switch Review

Warparty Nintendo Switch



WarParty on the Nintendo Switch is an old school RTS where players must gather resources to unlock new buildings, units and upgrades, with the goal of destroying all their opponents’ bases. Players can also control a powerful chieftain that they can shape by selecting talents when they expand their settlement.

Warparty Nintendo Switch Review

These talents also offer new units or bonuses that can change the way players play. Resources are limited however and the player will need to step out of his base to gather precious resources required for more powerful units, or capture and hold shrines that slowly give them power points used to summon powerful abilities that can turn the tide of battle. They will have to be careful, however, as wild dinosaurs and other tribes roam the map.

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Controls make or break an RTS, and unfortunately for me, it’s broken. If they utilised the touchscreen I think it would be a massive improvement. I was unable to select individual villagers, as the sticks aren’t as precise as a mouse. Touchscreen controls and RTS go hand in hand. So for me, it feels like a missed opportunity.

Warparty Nintendo Switch Review

There are a couple of single-player modes you can play. But no online multiplayer, another massively missed opportunity. Whats the point of an RTS if you can’t play against someone in Russia? The modes are fun and will keep you playing, but without multiplayer, there is only so much you can play. The graphics aren’t dynamic enough for me and feel very washed out. This feels like playing a game on Low settings.

Warparty Nintendo Switch Review

Warparty feels like a great idea. An RTS game on a handheld touchscreen console. But with the graphics being washed out, and the controls being fiddly. This feels like a missed opportunity, which could have been more fun then it was. Finally, check out our other gaming reviews.

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