WAHL Extreme Grip 7 in 1 Multigroomer Review

WHAL Extreme Grip 7 in 1 Multigroomer



The WAHL Extreme Grip 7 in 1 Multigroomer with 4 interchangeable heads provides a secure grip and ergonomic ease with durable silicone housing. Along with the trimmer blade, there are 3 additional heads for a close shave, detailing and removing unwanted ear and nose hair. The rotary head can be used to remove unwanted stray hairs from your nose and ears and is ideal for trimming in small, hard to reach areas. The detailer head is the best add-on for intricate beard detailing and shaping around the lips and chin. Foil shaver head can capture the hair with its holes, cutting it close to the skin.

WHAL Extreme Grip 7 in 1 Multigroomer Review

WHAL Extreme Grip 7 in 1 Multigroomer Review

It is great for achieving an ultra-clean shave and tidying below the beard line. Additionally, close shaving of the beard and body. With Lithium-Ion technology, the long-lasting battery runs for 120 minutes from a 4-hour charge. The extreme grip features our precision ground for a fresh cut every time. The secure grip makes it easy for trimming and edging your beard at multiple angles. This trimmer comes with 12 guide combs and an adjustable guide comb for variable cutting lengths of 0.5mm – 11mm.

I was pretty excited to try something different with so many more length options but unfortunately, it didn’t deliver! For starters the multi-length guard which goes from 1 to 10. It couldn’t catch and cut my facial hair. So after struggling for 10mns I swapped to the plain 3mm. Finally, I finished the rest but even then I had difficulties getting an even cut.

The extra heads/gadgets are fine and the overall look and feel of the trimmer are not that bad, I can’t comment on the battery life as I need to test it more but for now, I’m struggling to find reasons to keep it. Removing and attaching the different heads is a pain and not easy at all, you have to force them in.

Overall, I wasn’t blown away by the WAHL Extreme Grip 7 in 1 Multigroomer.

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