WAHL Black Power Hair Clipper Review

WAHL Black Power Hair Clipper



The WAHL Black Power Hair Clipper is a high-performance rechargeable clipper that is ideal for hair cutting. It can be used with or without the cord, offering freedom of movement with a 120-minute cordless run time.

With a total of 12 attachments combs, you can choose any length ranging from 0.8 mm – 25mm. The thumb adjustable taper lever provides a wider variety of cutting lengths and makes it easy to select and lock in the length you need. The greater variation in cutting lengths enables you to create more intricate haircuts, such as a fade.

WAHL Black Power Hair Clipper Review

Their latest advanced Lithium-Ion technology allows up to 120 minutes cordless run time from only a 3-hour charge (up to 2 months use on a single charge). The 15-minute quick charge will give you 12 minutes of continual use. Perfect to finish up if the charge runs out mid-cut or for completing an entire haircut. The integrated charge light indicator informs you when the battery charge is running low so you can plug in the cord and carry on clipping.

WAHL Black Power Hair Clipper Review

The Power Clipper is comfortable in the hand and easy to control making it effortless to cut hair, clean up necklines, touch up sideburns and trim around ears. The ergonomic design ensures the clipper is comfortable to hold during every use. Also comes with a personal trimmer for trimming head, ear, nose and brow hair.

I was surprised that the clippers were easy to use, sharp and didn’t jam. The battery lasted well past 90 mins. You will need to compensate slightly the angle of “hold” – compared to a heavier corded Wahl – the lack of cable will cause it “hang differently” in your hand. You’ll notice this if you tend to blend with an unguarded “0” through to a “1” so very little room for error, as we’re talking mms at this point.

You can’t do a “bald/skin” fade either with these (even with taper lever). You’ll need to buy something separate like a shaver foil razor or something. Since then, I’ve recharged several times & it took less than 15mins to “top-up” the charge each time.

The clipper guards are cheap thin plastic: “good enough” but don’t expect it to last more than 12-18months, without deforming. I haven’t had them long enough to comment on their reliability.

Otherwise, the bundled scissors are cheap quality/exactly the same bundled 10 years ago. The handle is hard cheap plastic & prone to cracking when/if you drop them. They’re just about fine for cutting paper, but not really hair. The comb .. well, it’s plastic and it’s a comb. The nose hair trimmer remains unused.

Overall, the WAHL Black Power Hair Clipper is a solid performer. The other bits of bundled kit aren’t really worth it, see if you can buy the clippers separately for the best value for money.

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