VOLTME USB C Plug 140W GAN USB C Charger Review

VOLTME USB C Plug 140W GAN USB C Charger



Picture this: you’ve got a tablet on 5%, a smartphone gasping for juice, and a laptop that’s flatlining. You’ve got multiple devices and just one outlet. What do you do? Enter the VOLTME USB C Plug 140W GAN USB C Charger – the perfect solution to this modern-day conundrum.

Let’s get technical for a moment. The VOLTME Revo 140 is equipped with three ports and supports nearly all fast-charging technologies. Thanks to its 3rd generation GaN Power IC and the latest PD 3.1, QC 5.0 & PPS charging protocols, this charger provides a potent mix of compact size and high power. It can charge two laptops simultaneously at 65w, or one laptop at a staggering 140w (28v 5a). That’s power and versatility in one neat package.

The 140W USB C charger adopts the PPS charging protocol, ensuring dynamic adaptation of output voltage and current according to your smartphone’s state. The parameters change every 10 minutes to meet the battery’s needs, optimizing its charge. This smart technology guarantees efficient charging, saving you valuable time.

But the impressive features don’t stop there. With dual-port plug with USB-C and USB-A input, the VOLTME charger delivers fast and efficient charging. It can charge a MacBook Pro 16″ to 56% in just 30 minutes. When you’re in a rush, this could be the difference between making that last-minute Zoom call or not.

VOLTME USB C Plug 140W GAN USB C Charger Review

The VOLTME charger is not just powerful; it’s also remarkably compact. At 20% smaller than a standard 140W charger, it’s perfect for home, office, and travel use. Its compact size, coupled with its ability to charge three devices simultaneously, makes it a must-have for tech enthusiasts.

One of the standout features of this charger is its universality. From laptops and tablets to phones and smartwatches, this charger can power them all. Plus, it comes with built-in safeguards to protect your devices from surges, overloads, and short circuits. It also holds CE, RoHS, and FCC safety certifications, making it a reliable and safe charger.

The VOLTME charger is equipped with GaN III technology, making it smaller, more efficient, and better at dissipating heat. This innovative technology allows for greater energy efficiency in a much smaller charger. It also has a handy LED that illuminates when the charger is switched on.

So, is there a catch? Well, the plug’s length can be a bit cumbersome, especially if you’re trying to pack light. However, the length helps with heat dissipation – a necessary trade-off when dealing with a powerful 140W charger.

In conclusion, the VOLTME USB C Plug 140W GAN USB C Charger is more than just a charger. It’s a versatile, powerful, and efficient piece of tech that’s perfect for the fast-paced, multi-device world we live in today. Its impressive specs and features make it a game-changer in the power bank industry and an indispensable addition to your tech arsenal.

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