VOLTME 65W USB C Plug Review




The VOLTME 65W USB C Plug feels solidly made and is quite heavy which usually is a good thing, it has two USB-C ports (PD3.0) and one USB-A port (QC3.0) and claims to provide up to 65W of charging power.

According to my USB test meter, it does support the standards claimed, however, I did get some interesting results. Using the USB type A port only, I managed to charge my Samsung S22 Ultra phone at just under 15W but it would charge my Xiaomi Mi10 phone at 22W.

If I switched to using either USB-C port, I managed to charge my S22 Ultra phone at 28W which was a good result. Charging 2 devices via the USB-C ports resulted in 18W being delivered to my phone and 11.5W to a battery pack, these results were lower than I was expecting.

VOLTME 65W USB C Plug Review

I noticed that my phone was charging at around 28W on USB port C1 until I added a second device to either of the two remaining ports, the charging power dropped from 28W to around 18W, which I wasn’t expecting looking at the specs, which state that I should be able to draw 45W of power in this configuration. The good news though is that in this configuration, the two ports can still set their output voltages independently.

When 3 devices were connected, the output voltage at ports C2 and A1 gets set to 5V and the power should be limited to 15W or 3A, I managed to draw 4A at almost 20W, which is maybe why the charger was getting warm. I still managed to get 18W of power from USB port C1 though.

To get the fastest charging times out of this device, it is best to use port C1 first (the one with the computer icon), then either of the 2 remaining ports next and if you need to charge 3 devices, try to use lower power devices on the last two ports.

Overall, the VOLTME 65W USB C Plug is quite expensive and I did see a power drop when loading the charging ports, plus the charger became warm even though it wasn’t fully loaded, so I have knocked one star off. I wasn’t able to test its full power output because I don’t have anything that will take 65W of power yet.

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