VOLTME 30W Dual USB C Plug Review

VOLTME 30W Dual USB C Plug



The VOLTME 30W Dual USB C Plug allows you to charge two devices at the same time. Get optimal charging capacity for your device with one QC3.0 port and get another smart USB-C PD port at the same time.

After playing with so many USB chargers and getting fed up with so many, it is finally refreshing to come across a charger that does what it says on the tin. It’s a GaN charger – what this means is that it uses gallium nitride instead of the more common silicon in its construction.

VOLTME 30W Dual USB C Plug Review

This makes it smaller, more energy-efficient, and faster at charging than a traditional charger. True to its type, it’s a super compact size – especially when I compare them to the other day-to-day chargers I use, but more importantly, it gets nowhere near as hot. More importantly, being above the 25W, I wanted the ‘super fast charge’ function on the S22 ultra (a rather, unfortunately, Samsung-named charging function) – the super fast charges faster than normal ‘fast charge’ chargers.

This delivers as promised. The only niggle for me on this otherwise excellent charger is that if you use both USB-C ports for charging at the same time, this will drop down the Wattage across each port to 15W only, (so you lose the superfast charging and only get fast charging unless you unplug the other port). Another very minor niggle is it has a small light when it’s plugged into the mains – this might be annoying to some if it’s used in the bedroom.

Overall, the VOLTME 30W Dual USB C Plug makes a huge difference when you are about to go out and realise your phone is low – just plug it in for 5-10 minutes to get enough to keep you going without having to wait for it to fully charge – has saved me countless times.

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