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The VOLTME 100W USB C Plug adopts the latest GaN III technology, which also means less energy is lost in heat. 38% smaller than the original charger, the GaN transistors are over 95% energy efficient. The charger is not too hot to touch.

This relatively compact UK three-pin adaptor is a premium product, that offers reasonable value for the functionality provided.

I say relatively compact because chargers at this output are larger than traditional adaptors. The device comes well packaged in a funky cardboard box.

VOLTME 100W USB C Plug Review

The adaptor offers three sockets, but as is frequently the case the actual max output is only delivered when one of the two C ports is in use alone.

When you use a second cable plugged in, the 100w is divided unequally, with the lower C1 port delivering 65W (which is still pretty good) and the upper 30W (fast charging is usually counted as 18W and above). The USB A port alone can deliver 60w, or 30W in conjunction with a C1 Port @ 65W.

All three ports can be used, with A and C2 ports @ 12W, and with the C1 port @65W. So as a multiport charging adaptor, there is some compromise, but that said you do have the option to charge more than one device – something a uni-socket adaptor doesn’t offer.

Overall, the price point is in the medium range for the VOLTME 100W USB C Plug. It’s delivered in a well-presented and on first impression well made device that is for this kind of device relatively compact.

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