VOLTA Spark 60W SnagSafe Magnetic Cable Review

VOLTA Spark 60W SnagSafe Magnetic Cable



Designed for versatility the VOLTA Spark 60W SnagSafe Magnetic Cable will fast charge all your devices with a single cable that has been engineered for extreme durability and heavy everyday use. The VOLTA Spark cable has a fray-resistant, braided nylon sheath designed to keep your cable from breaking. The foolproof, SnagSafe magnetic cable system ensures a secure connection while eliminating the risk of any accidents. Its super-strong magnetic charging tips are specially designed for convenience and make cable-hopping from device to device easy and seamless – no need for multiple cables for your smartphone, camera, laptop, MacBook Air, iPad, headphones, game controllers and just about everything else.

VOLTA Spark 60W SnagSafe Magnetic Cable Review

VOLTA Spark 60W SnagSafe Magnetic Cable Features:

  • Quick Charge 4.0, 60W PD 3.0 PPS
  • Apple & Samsung fast charging
  • USB-C to open magnetic universal Apple, Micro or USB-C connection
  • Supports data transfer
  • 10x stronger than any other cable
  • Superfast charging (70% fast than normal charging cables)
  • Perfect for iPhone, iPad & Macbook Air
  • OTG capability (transform your device into a PowerBank)
  • VOLTA lifetime warranty & 30-day money-back guarantee

I tested each head with each cable and they all worked right out of the pack. When the cable is plugged into a power adaptor a quite bright blue light shines in a ring around the magnetic (phone) end of the cable (as others have said in a dark room this is very bright). It will only go on when it makes a connection with one of the connection heads.

As for the heads, while small enough to be lost they are rather large on a phone without a case. Speaking of cases, some cases will probably get in the way of the plug going in properly, the diameter of the magnetic connector is quite large compared to a “naked” phone…so rock and a hard place.

The magnets are quite strong (not strong enough to start swinging the phone around on the cable…..unless you want a new phone). Strong enough that they can pull the head out of the phone if you pull the cable off (well…try to pull it off). Two solutions:

  1. Don’t just pull the cable straight off, make it more of a snapping motion. 
  2. Take a pair of pliers and very, very, very gently squeeze through the wide part of the USB-C plug, this should cause a slight bowing in the plug part in the phone socket and (hopefully) increase the friction so it doesn’t just pull out. 

Now if you have quite a new phone that hasn’t had a charger cable going in and out for months on end then you may not need these fixes…but now you know what to do if needed.

So, how well do they work? Very well actually. My Note 8 will fast charge using them with no problem at all. It means I can have cables around the house, and then just plug in when needed.

Overall, the VOLTA Spark 60W SnagSafe Magnetic Cable is a great charging solution.

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  1. Have a less than 5 months old 60W Spark for MacBook Air and a few days ago the magnetic end into the laptop was seriously overheating. Finally got through to customer support as they imply a lifetime warranty and whilst they finally offered a replacement once I return defective cable at my cost (this seems contrary to their website claims) they also asked for (quote from email) “All we ask is that you return your existing products in a re-sellable condition and in original packaging.” which is of great concern given the issues I have reported with this cable.

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