Venture Kid Nintendo Switch Review

Venture Kid Nintendo Switch



Venture Kid on Nintendo Switch, is an action-packed platformer that will keep surprising you with inventive level design, highly entertaining action challenges, responsive controls and a great variety of bosses. The evil Dr Teklov is about to build a secret weapon, disguised in his huge space fortress. Time is running out but our hero Andy stepped up to defeat him and fight his way through Teklov’s minions. Join Andy and prepare yourself for a dangerous journey that demands great skill and determination. Will you succeed?

Venture Kid Nintendo Switch Review

Venture Kid plays a lot like Mega Man, a standard run and gun style game. You are dropped in various levels, with various backdrops, and you run and shoot your way to the end. Boss levels are scattered through and grant you more weapons. It’s not breaking down any gaming barriers, but it’s a fun ride.

Venture Kid Nintendo Switch Review

Stages are short and aren’t easy to go through. But there are spikes of difficulty, which could cause you to get game over. This will mean you have to play through the whole stage again. Stages will start to look the same as the level design isn’t that distinctive per stage.

There are a couple of different game modes, which are meant to keep you playing once completed. These don’t offer anything new and I feel once finished you won’t be playing it again.

Venture Kid Nintendo Switch Review

The 8-bit design is cute but is starting to feel like a crutch. Level design isn’t there, with a template “jungle” or “City” design being applied. There isn’t any sort of spark, that makes people pine for 8bit games.

Venture Kid Nintendo Switch Review

There are other games you can get which offer a better version of this nostalgia cash grab. If you are after a mega man clone, then this is something you can get, but with various Mega Man games being released on Switch, I’m not sure why you would.

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