Venom PS5 Controller Rack Review

Venom PS5 Controller Rack



Keep your PS5 setup neat and organised with the Venom PS5 Controller Rack. This great space-saving unit hooks securely on to the side of your PS5 and offers handy storage and instant access for up to 2 controllers, or 1 controller and 1 headset. The lipped shelving design holds your controller securely in place and reduces the potential to gather dust particles that can be more common when left on surfaces. The packs feature rubber contact protectors to ensure that your console does not scratch or mark when the racks are in position.

Venom PS5 Controller Rack Review

This controller wall mount is built for the PS5 controller. But I have tested that it also works on the Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One controllers. Also, some more generic controllers.

Though this is sold as a dual controller rack, it’s perfect for headphones. Also great for hanging cables, earphones and other gadgets. The way it hangs means you avoid any scratching on your PS5. This is a great accessory to help declutter my gaming area.

Manufactured from high strength plastic, this holder doesn’t bend or flex and fits the profile of the controller and headset. A simplified minimalist design can display your gaming accessories better.

For a PS5 owner, I’d highly recommend the Venom PS5 Controller Rack. Finally, check out our site for other reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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