Venom Multi-Colour LED Light-up Console Stand Review

Venom Multi-Colour LED Light-up Console Stand



Add a touch of style to your gaming setup with the Venom Multi-Colour LED Light-up Console Stand. The simple USB powered dock illuminates your console with your choice of one of seven colours or on a constant loop through all the spectrum of lights. The colour and brightness can be adjusted with the touch of a button and the lights can also be turned on or off without having to disconnect the console. The stand connects via USB to the rear of your console and also offers a replacement USB output as well as an additional Type-C USB output to enable you to connect an additional device to your console. The base design ensures you retain access to all ports and vents whilst offering an extra level of sturdiness to hold your console in place.

Venom Multi-Colour LED Light-up Console Stand Review

Venom Multi-Colour LED Light-up Console Stand Review

I was excited to receive it yesterday and set it up straight away. It looks good, but my god has they made it awkward. Why they couldn’t put the on and off button on the front I don’t know. Now every time I want to switch it on and off I have to fiddle around behind it. This is very awkward as my console is next to my Nintendo switch in a TV unit. Also, even though it’s plugged into my console via USB it doesn’t switch on and off with my console!! I tried taking my console out of ‘always on’ mode thinking that was the problem but no it just won’t turn off. Unless I physically turn the lights off!!

Also, I tried the type C USB connection but that doesn’t work at all, the lights will not switch on using the type C cable, so I tried a USB extender and plugged it into the mains with my Samsung plug adapter, now that worked BUT if you switch it off at the mains and switch the mains back on again you have to press the button on the lights again to switch them back on and nor only that it completely resets the light settings back to the basic green you get when you first set them up.

All in all very frustrating. They could have made it so much easier by either putting the power button on the front of the stand. Also, allowing it to turn off when you turn your Xbox off.

Overall, I’m not really a fan of the Venom Multi-Colour LED Light-up Console Stand.

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