Veikk Voila L Drawing Pen Tablet with Mechanical Typing Review

Veikk Voila L Drawing Pen Tablet with Mechanical Typing



Enjoy creating on the smooth and comfortable matte surface on the Veikk Voila L Drawing Pen Tablet with Mechanical Typing. Features Ultra Fluid Mechanical Typing, 4 Replaceable Customized Cool New Shortcuts and a Dial. Compared to other tablets, the Voila L drawing tablet features 4 customized matte shortcut keys that are much more like the key on your keyboard, which delivers a familiar mechanical, comfortable and ultra-precise typing feel.

Your fingers glide effortlessly across the matte surface of the keys – and the colourful replaceable keycap makes it easy to set up the most common function such as Ctrl+Z or others. Unleash personality onto your deskspace and Own both the keycap colour with Lively Orange and Classic Black. With the Dial alongside, you can rapidly adjust brush size, hardness, flow, and opacity, as well as perform actions like zooming in and out and dragging an image.

Voila L increased an extra ergonomic space alongside the 10 x 6-inch active area to improve hand and wrist posture, avoid joint and wrist problems and release your elbows and shoulder stress for long hours of use on the tablet. The Matte Surface is designed to fits your hand better and smoother than you think. Relaxing and comfortable use such as home, office, cybercafe, etc. Keeps wrists in a straight line instead of at an angle to the desk most of the time.

Veikk Voila L Drawing Pen Tablet with Mechanical Typing Review

The P05 stylus of Voila L offers 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, allows you to draw precise lines of any weight and opacity according to the pressure you apply to the pen, sharper lines with light pressure and thick line with hard pressure, perfect for artistry design or unique brush effect for photo retouching; 290 PPS and 60° tilt delivers smoother and more natural lines and strokes, while also giving you the ability to add shading to your creation. With the P05 Battery-free stylus, you do not need to charge or replace the battery which can help to focus on the things that matter and support an environmental world.

The Voila L is compatible with Windows 7 (or later), Mac OS X 10.12 (or later), Android 6.0 (or later), Chrome OS 88 (or later) and Linux. With its compact and Lightweight design, you can stash and tuck it in your backpack and you are good to go for travel and business trips. Compatible with most software, including Adobe Creative software, ibis Paint X, FlipaClip, Medibang, Autodesk Sketchbook, Zbrush, Artrage, and more. *OTG adapter sold separately.

Suits for both right and left-hand users, ideal for professional artists, newbie designers, enthusiasts, and creators of all kinds. Meet all your needs for drawing, sketching, 3D modelling, photo editing, signing or e-learning. Veikk provides 12+6-month hassle-free warranty service and clock tech customer service.

Overall, the Veikk Voila L Drawing Pen Tablet with Mechanical Typing is a fantastic offering.

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