Vaultskin KENSINGTON Passport Wallet Review

Vaultskin KENSINGTON Passport Wallet



The Vaultskin KENSINGTON Passport Wallet is a fully RFID-protected wallet so it securely stores your bank cards, driving licence, cash and boarding cards, not just your passport. It’s reassuring to know that you are setting out with your travel essentials tucked away in one safe place that’s slim enough to fit in a pocket. If you lose everything else, you’ll still be able to complete the journey.

Vaultskin KENSINGTON Passport Wallet Review

Your passport, bank cards and driving licence will all be stashed in slots inside the wallet. Boarding passes and cash will fit in the outside pocket – inside which there are two secret slots for the cards that you use most often. And you will still have space for receipts for duty-free purchases. Whether you’re away for the day, a week or a month, you don’t need anything else.

Vaultskin KENSINGTON Passport Wallet Review

The premium quality Italian leather is a pleasure to hold, and the choice of colours with gold or silver embossing is an invitation to express your individuality. KENSINGTON remains slim even when fully packed, so it won’t spoil the lines of your jacket and women can keep it in a small clutch along with a phone and still have room for sunglasses and lipstick. With a wallet this slim, you can keep your passport on you at all times, and be ready to fly off at a moment’s notice. Then travel can be glamorous in anticipation too!

Initially, I thought it looked rather big. The wallet itself easily fits into your front pocket so there’s nothing to worry about. The slim design also means that it’s not that bulky either, but big enough that you know it’s there. The passport, cards and cash fit in perfectly. There is ample space for even large notes like Yen in the back. I managed to fit in 65,000 worth easily.

The boarding pass will fit full length but better to fold it. A4 printouts etc can also be folded into 1/4 and will fit snugly. It is important not to overload this wallet. I think the necessities should be enough. After all, Vaultskin is known for its minimalist designs.

The number of card slots is just right for me, 4 is enough. Some products have 10+ which I feel is excessive for my needs.

Vaultskin KENSINGTON Passport Wallet Review

I love the feel of that smooth leather, it just has a very special feel about it that you simply do not get with some wallets. An addition of a mini pen like some brands do, would have made this item perfect in my view. Something to think about perhaps.

Overall, the Vaultskin KENSINGTON Passport Wallet is a great travel accessory.

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