Valco Wireless ANC Headphones Review

Valco Wireless ANC Headphones



What makes Valco Wireless ANC Headphones special, is how they combined the best available components, added a touch of Finnish design and had Kesthouse, a famous Finnish mastering studio with over 20 years of experience to perfect the sound quality.

And all this for half the price of similar brand headphones. They dare to say, that Valco headphones offer you an unmatched bargain for your money along with a listening experience second to none in the wireless ANC headphones class.

Valco Wireless ANC Headphones Review

Weighing only 250 grams, the Valco ANC headphones can be easily used for the whole day long. The memory foam earmuffs and the adjustable headband are covered with 100% faux vegan leather. As a Finishing touch, Valco has added some premium Walnut tree (real tree, not imitation) to the headphones.

Valco took the best ANC Bluetooth chipset Qualcomm had available and plugged it in. There are four microphones constantly monitoring the ambient and a top-notch DSP doing the ANC. Combined with Bluetooth 5.0 makes for a great sound.

Valco Wireless ANC Headphones Specs

  • Bluetooth: 5.0 APTX LL, SBC and AAC
  • Chipset: Qualcomm QCC3008
  • ANC: Active Noise Cancellation with 4 microphones
  • Amplifier: Class AB
  • Stereo elements: 40 mm
  • Weight: 250g / 8.8 oz
  • Battery: 1050 mAh
  • Charging time: 2-3h, USB-C connector
  • Battery time: up to 45 hours of constant listening on ANC, 40 hours on a phone call
  • Siri and Google Home support
  • Handsfree phone calls (yes, it has a microphone for phone calls)
  • Package includes all the necessary cables and dongles (3.5 mm, aeroplane adapter and USB-C charging cable)

They have added a battery to last over 40 hours of music listening. Should you find yourself stranded on a desert island, you can use the ANC to filter out the annoying cricket sounds and other creepy stuff much longer you can survive without going full-on Bear Grylls and drinking your urine – and definitely, much longer your precious iPhone can last.

Valco Wireless ANC Headphones Review

Google Assistant is built-in and on testing, it worked rather well. I was able to press a button and ask it various questions. It was also able to read out some notifications I got when I was on the bus. I didn’t have any problems making calls.

Dynamic 40 mm stereo elements combined with the programmable Qualcomm QCC3008 chipset and the configurations make for rich and textured sound. The highs are sharp, while the lows are punchy.

Overall, for the price, the Valco Wireless ANC Headphones are a great pair of headphones. Finally, check out our other audio reviews.

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