Valco VMK25 Wireless ANC Headphones Review – Use code LUKE for 10% off

Valco VMK25 Wireless ANC Headphones



As an ardent audiophile and an avid user of a wide range of audio gear, the Valco VMK25 Wireless ANC Headphones have left a profound impression on me. From the first moment of unboxing to countless hours of immersive listening sessions, my journey with these headphones has been a captivating audio adventure.

Let’s start with the design. The VMK25 is a testament to the power of innovative design and attention to detail. The matte finish of the black plastic parts exudes an air of elegance and sophistication. The foldable design is convenient, especially for someone like me who is constantly on the move. The durability of the frame is another aspect that warrants appreciation. Unlike other headphones that have succumbed to wear and tear over time, the VMK25’s sturdy construction promises a long-lasting companionship.

The headphones are not just about visual appeal; they’re also about comfort. The fit is comfortable, making long listening sessions a breeze. I appreciate the wider range of adjustment which caters to different head sizes, acknowledging the fact that comfort is subjective and varies from person to person. However, the use of faux leather for the upholstery covers was a bit of a letdown, raising concerns about their durability over time.

When it comes to the control concept, the VMK25 carries forward the proven design of its predecessor, the VMK20. The multifunctional button (MFB), a unique feature in the realm of headphones, enhances the user experience with its versatility. Whether it’s turning the device on and off or answering/rejecting phone calls, the MFB is your one-stop solution. However, mastering the nuances of the MFB requires a bit of time and practice. A quick look at the manual can save you from potential confusion.

Valco VMK25 Wireless ANC Headphones Review - Use code LUKE for 10% off

Speaking of sound, the VMK25 delivers a balanced sound tuning that brings the best out of your music. The bass is rich, dry, and contoured, providing a firm foundation for the overall sound profile. The sound quality is further enhanced by the use of Qualcomm’s QCC3034 chipset for Bluetooth transmission, supporting Bluetooth version 5.1 and a range of audio codecs like aptX HD, SBC, and AAC. These technical features translate into a seamless and enjoyable listening experience, regardless of the platform you’re using.

One of the defining features of the VMK25 is the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). The ANC works wonders in mitigating low-frequency ambient noise, thus facilitating a more immersive listening experience. The addition of the transparency mode is another significant enhancement. Despite my initial skepticism about its usefulness, I found it quite handy, especially during travels, allowing me to stay aware of my surroundings without compromising on the audio experience.

However, the VMK25 is not without its flaws. The absence of a wheel control for volume adjustment was a noticeable miss. The use of buttons for volume control and track skipping, although functional, lacks the finesse and ease of use offered by a wheel control. Another minor gripe is the relatively short AUX cable. While it’s sufficient for on-the-go use, a longer cable would have been a more versatile solution.

Despite these minor hitches, the VMK25 shines in its commitment to sustainability. With every purchase contributing to the planting of a tree, the VMK25 goes beyond delivering an exceptional audio experience and contributes to a cause that’s close to my heart. It’s heartening to see a manufacturer that values sustainability and extends the concept to its products.

In conclusion, the Valco VMK25 Wireless ANC Headphones are a commendable blend of design, comfort, sound quality, and innovation. While there are areas for improvement, they don’t overshadow the many strengths of these headphones.

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