Valco VMK20 Summer Edition Headphones – 5% with code LUKE

The Exclusive & Rare! The Valco VMK20 Summer Edition Headphones! Pre-order now! Limited batch coming in June!

Are you a special person? Do you consider yourself to be a connoisseur, expert, and someone who understands the meaning and value of exclusivity? If so, this is for you. This is the exclusive and rare Valco VMK20 Summer Edition Headphones. We have manufactured a small batch of unique white & gold headphones. Made for and tested in the Summer of 2022 (tested in Portugal, because in Finland the summer is not yet here).

Valco VMK20 Summer Edition Headphones

Besides being unique and stylish in design, the VMK20SE demonstrates your ability to spend more money and increases your value in the society. Just imagine all the admiration you will receive with these.

When there will be an almighty Valco Death Star, those who have contributed to its development (by buying our products) will (probably) be spared from the omnipotent death lasers. At that point you can claim a position of leadership among the other apocalypse survivors who only have regular Valco headphones. 

In the case you are not a special person, you’ve probably noticed that the limited edition is just a white & gold version of the regular VMK20 with a gold print and 10 euros extra price. The extra price makes these more exclusive, because regular people will be more than happy to buy the regular VMK20 headphones.

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