Valco NL21 TWS Earbuds Review – Get 5% off with code Luke

Valco NL21 TWS Earbuds Review - Get 5% off with code Luke



These Valco NL21 TWS Earbuds are not a bad choice at all. Of course, they are not as fancy as some of the more expensive ones out there, but they are the best you could afford with the little money you have.

The model is called Valco NL21, which is short for the Finnish word “nappiluurit” (It is also short for Neuvostoliitto, Soviet Union). Nappiluurit means button phones, and the 21 is the year of release (Even it is late December). The design work here comes from Chinese engineers, but the sound is 100% Valco. There are thousands of these wireless earbuds today, so what makes these so different?

Valco NL21 TWS Earbuds Review – Get 5% off with code Luke

Valco NL21 TWS Earbuds Review - Get 5% off with code Luke

First of all: These aren’t the pinnacle of evolution, and they’re certainly not the last of our designs. They’re not perfect either. While these can be used as wireless handsfree devices for calls, we’re not 100% satisfied with the sound quality of the phone calls. It is “fair enough”. So if your main use for the headset is to make calls, then these are not your devices.

The sound quality when listening to music is again where Valco have put their focus. Unlike all the competition, their sound guru Jasse the Magnificent “Audio Bin Superman” has spent months perfecting these earbuds for a uniquely high-fidelity listening experience in this price range. I truly believe that they have earned all the money I paid for these little gems.

Otherwise, these are pretty much standard for this market. The headphones have a battery that lasts roughly 7.5 hours, plus a second battery in the charging case, which then powers the earbuds themselves many times over before they need to be plugged into a USB charger.

Note – The ear studs are, as the name suggests, for ears only. Do not use them as a sex toy or insert them into anybody orifice other than your ears. Do not. Seriously.

Overall, the Valco NL21 TWS Earbuds may not be the best earphones for calls, but they sound great and are a great price.

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