Valco Have Upgraded Their VMK20 Headset – 5% Off with code LUKE!

Great news everyone! Valco just upgraded the VMK20 Headset.

Well, they were affected by the global chipset shortage and to be able to manufacture new headphones they upgraded the previous QCC3008 Bluetooth chipset for a QCC3034.

The QCC3034 is more expensive and should be better. It features aptX HD support that isn’t in the QCC3008. While their costs are higher, they wanted to keep the same price, just offer a better product.

Valco Have Upgraded Their VMK20 Headset - 5% Off!

They wouldn’t be Valco if they wouldn’t mess this up somehow. They ran out of chipsets mid-production and had to do the switch quite fast. In the latest shipment, there is a mix of “old” and “new” chipsets. For some reason, they are currently investigating, their new and improved chipset has had Issues with the aptX LL codec.

So, the new headphones don’t necessarily have the aptX LL support as promised on the website and the manual. Otherwise, the chipset is working great and has a superb sound. However, the new chipset supports a newer and better aptX HD codec instead. For 99,9% this is good news.

While APTX HD delivers even better sound quality, they have not changed the information on their website about the new chipset and some of you might have wanted precisely the older aptX LL codec.

They are sorry that they improved their headset and haven’t changed the information on the website. They have changed it now. If there are any Apple user, this doesn’t concern you a bit, because you are most likely not using aptX anyway.

If you don’t know anything about codecs and your headset is working fine, this means that you just got a better chipset than promised and they are sorry that they didn’t tell you earlier.

However, if you SPECIFICALLY wanted the aptX LL codec, please contact their customer service. They will replace your headset with an aptX LL compatible version for free.

With any issues whatsoever, feel free to contact their customer service. They will do everything they can to make you feel good about your Valco headset.

Grab the VMK20 Headset and use code LUKE to get 5% off!

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