Valco Greenwashing is going forward

Good news everyone! The tree planting-green washing campaign Valco had promised is underway and the entrepreneur himself is eaten by mosquitoes as also promised.

They must admit that their capacity to plant trees is by no means enough to fulfil the whole promise, but they are willing to invest in plants for as long as a tree is planted for every pair of headphones sold.

Valco Greenwashing is going forward

Practically this means that they will plant the original 5000 trees (with his teenage son, brother and retired father who are all forced…happy to help) but besides that, they have also paid for others to plant trees on their behalf.

The last time Henri was planting trees when he was just a little girl and he didn’t remember how hard it was. It may be because at that time, as a child, his father did all the work and Henri just ran along the woods chasing butterflies.

Even here in the far north, the heat has been so intense, that they planted seedlings at night, from about ten in the evening to somewhere close to three AM. Another option would be to plant them early in the morning, but they are more night owls in his family.

On Finnish summer nights, it is nice to be in the woods when it is so bright and there is absolutely no sound other than an occasional bird (and a million mosquitoes trying to suck your blood).

Fortunately, they didn’t make any other promises besides planting trees. Now he has learned that it is not very smart to promise something that you have to fulfil. The Finns tend to keep their promises in a quite autistic way.

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