UVsoap Automatic UVC Sanitizer Review

UVsoap Automatic UVC Sanitizer



The UVsoap Automatic UVC Sanitizer uses two UVC LEDs to deliver irradiation to a target surface and quickly eliminate germs and viruses.

UVsoap Automatic UVC Sanitizer Review

UVsoap Automatic UVC Sanitizer Review

The idea behind the UVsoap is that you can place it over something that gets touched a lot. This will then sense the presence of someone and shine the UVC light over that object. Examples are door handles, taps etc. There is a plastic sticker on the bottom, which is meant to let it stick anywhere. A 3m sticker on a plate is included as well, just encase the area can’t be used by the plastic sticker.

The 3m plate works fine, I stuck it to my wooden shelves. As I was going to use this as a place to leave my phone for it to be cleaned. This is where it all started to go wrong, I have been unable to get this thing to stick anywhere for longer than 10 mins. I have stuck it to mirrors, glass, metal, the included plastic plate. It just falls with a large bang.

The second issue I have is the sensor. Its meant to go on and then deactivate if it senses a person nearby. So you can use the door handle, then when you go it will shine and clean that area. This didn’t happen for me at all. It seemed to never really go on at all. If it did go on, then it wouldn’t be for very long and by that time someone else will be near it again.

Maybe my unit is just faulty, but it seems to fail at doing the two things its meant to be able to do.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend the UVsoap Automatic UVC Sanitizer. For me, it wouldn’t stick and wouldn’t clean.

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