Uurnog Uurnlimited Nintendo Switch Review

Uurnog Uurnlimited Nintendo Switch



Enter the wacky and whimsical world of Uurnog Uurnlimited on Nintendo Switch, where you have only one goal: find your way around the world, and steal all the animals! Why? Because they’re adorable, and because…video games.

Uurnog Uurnlimited Nintendo Switch Review

Uurnog Uurnlimited is a delightfully silly 2D platformer. Play single-player or co-op, explore the world through its many mysterious doors, solve puzzles and gather the items and animals needed in your Save Room. Careful though – the Save Room also saves your mistakes (urr nurr!). What else does it have, you ask? Chaotic neutral NPCs that can mess with your game! Algorithmic music that adapts to the gameplay!

Uurnog Uurnlimited Nintendo Switch Trailer

The premise aside Uurnog Uurnlimited is a callback to the gaming days of yesteryear. The game uses neon colour pallettes and wacky characters to entice you to explore the world. The music matches the neon landscape, with loud tunes.

Exploring the world will consist of solving puzzles. You can use enemies to help solve them, with some enemies exploding or even flying. Figuring which enemies do what, and planning on how to use them is a lot of fun.
You also find gems littered through the game, these are used to purchase items at the shops.

Uurnog Uurnlimited Nintendo Switch Review

After collecting a couple of items and animals, you can use teleport stations to transfer them back to a safe room. This is highly recommended as when you die, you lose any items you are carrying. You can only carry 5 items at the same time. A fun element is that one item is stored on your head. This means that shorter doorways cannot be entered as you’d be too tall.

Some parts of the game won’t allow you to place items into storage. Some animals you take out may explode or fall to death, and you’ll have to respawn to get them back. So there are lots of elements which make sure you play it safe.

Uurnog Uurnlimited Nintendo Switch Review

Overall, Uurnog Uurnlimited is a game for dedicated players. You’ll have to retrace steps, die to save a lost animal, and spend a lot of time exploring rooms. Finally, please check out our gaming reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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