Urbanista Sydney Bluetooth Speaker Review

Urbanista Sydney Bluetooth Speaker



Use the Urbanista Sydney Bluetooth Speaker to get your groove on while at the beach, in the park or in-between festival gigs for up to 5 hours of epic sound with the Sydney speaker. Comes in four vibrant shades, it features a clean silhouette and smooth texture, punctuated with sleek functions like Bluetooth, volume controls and second speaker pairing. Easy to carry in the hand or slip into your bag, Sydney might be your best travel buddy yet.

Urbanista Sydney Bluetooth Speaker Review

Urbanista Sydney Bluetooth Speaker Review

The thing I notice about this speaker is the size. It’s a lot smaller than other speakers, which makes it perfect to travel with. When wearing my jeans I was even able to get it to fit in my pocket comfortably.

The Urbanista Sydney is a mix of plastic and fabric, the fabric surrounding the speaker grill and the main part of the speaker and the plastic providing bookends to the speaker. The plastic helps with the with, while the fabric helps with the look of the speaker.

The controls are on the top of the speaker. These consist of a power, pairing and volume keys. You can use the volume keys to skip tracks. Also, there is an LED to let you know the status of the speaker.

On the back is the Micro-USB port, and AUX input. This back section is IPX5 rated. There is no USB-C port, which means charging will be a bit slower then you are normally used to.

The small size doesn’t seem to affect the sound, as the Urbanista Sydney pumps out a lot of music. Though I found it lacking in bass, the sound is crisp and clear, with mids and highs sounding fantastic. The volume is great, and the fact you can pair two speakers makes for a loud listening environment. There is a mic on the speaker for voice calls, but I wouldn’t use it as it doesn’t pick up voices very well.

Urbanista Sydney Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Sydney uses Bluetooth 5.0, which is why the speaker connection is so stable. The whole speaker is IPX5 rated, so it can be splashed, but not submerged. The battery allows for around 6 hours of listening, this is due to the small size.

Overall, the Urbanista Sydney is a great travel companion. Though some people may be put off by the 6-hour battery, I think this is great for little trips out.

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