Unknown Fate Nintendo Switch Review

Unkown Fate



Unknown Fate on Nintendo Switch places the player in the role of Richard Amnesiac. In a game full of rich worlds, tricky puzzles, and a compelling storyline. The team have put their everything into this game and it really shows.

Unknown Fate Nintendo Switch Review

As Richard you are taken to a strange world. Where you find out pretty quickly you have no past and no memories. That’s pretty much a given with a surname like Amnesiac and makes up most of the premise. One of your first discoveries is that an artefact has been broken. It’s been spread out around the game world. You soon find out that each piece of this object helps you to recover Richard’s memories. Allowing you to understand more about the world around him. The story is kept vague, which can be a little irritating. Especially when you want to discover the mystery of your character. It’s never quite established how Richard got here or what this world actually is. But the lack of details make the game a challenge and gives the player plenty of scope to imagine back stories for Richard.

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Richard is your character in this first-person platform puzzle game. The controls are simple – move, look around, jump and interact – until you gain the Artifact which allows you to unlock abilities over the course of the game. The Artifact is central to the gameplay as you need it to solve the puzzles to unlock the secrets of Richard’s past. The concept of this game is excellent, but the game itself could be more sleek and developed. I found the controls were slow to react which is a real challenge in timed puzzles. Other puzzles sit on the opposite side and are very easy to solve, which is a little irritating if you’re looking for a game to test your grey matter. But, this game is as beautiful as it is frustrating.

Unknown Fate Nintendo Switch Review

But, the design is very unique in its style. With the world around Richard changing as he gains memories and the story develops. The game has some decent scoring. The music suites the challenges, puzzles, and the world around you as you go through. There is a voice throughout the game, which is cool from an indie dev team. But, they probably could’ve found more experienced voice actors, with the side characters sounding a little stiff. Richard’s character benefits from an excellent voice actor, as does the secondary character of The Guardian.

Unknown Fate Nintendo Switch Review

Overall, if you’re looking for a platformer to pass time on a commute then this is a great choice. It also holds up well on a big screen. Also, even though it’s a single-player game we’ve had fun in our house with collaborating on the puzzles and gaming together that way. I’d recommend this game to anyone with an interest in indie developers. As this is one of the best we’ve seen in recent months. Finally, check out our other gaming reviews.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed this game – agree that some levels are too simple and others are tricky when the controls are lagging. But it’s well made and fun!

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