Ultrawings Nintendo Switch Review

Ultrawings Nintendo Switch



Ultrawings on Nintendo Switch, is an open-world, aerial-themed game where you’ll pilot an Ultralight, Gee Racer, rocket-powered Glider and Sport Plane to complete a variety of challenges across a beautifully-stylized, island-themed world. You’ll pop balloons, perform spot landings, snap pictures, compete in thrilling air races, and more! Earn in-game money to unlock new airports and new aircraft. Ultrawings is truly the ultimate hobbyist aircraft game for the Nintendo Switch!

Ultrawings Nintendo Switch Review

Throughout the game, you unlock a variety of flying machines. You start with the Ultralight, which is slow and bulky. You then end on the Gee Racer, which though fast is difficult to land. Each plane has its pluses and minuses, so you have to pick the right one for the task at hand.

The challenges range from flying through rings to landing the aircraft in the right place. Once the Gee Racer is unlocked, you can race against other aeroplanes. My favourite challenge was the balloon pop, this was all about flying through the rings and firing darts at the balloons. Each medal you win will grant you money to unlock your planes and airports.

Ultrawings Nintendo Switch Review

I would suggest grabbing a Pro Controller for this game, as I found it a lot easier to use than the joycons. The sluggish planes aside, the whole game plays very well. The controls are responsive and intuitive.

There is an overall cartoony feel to the games aesthetic. This isn’t a Microsoft Flight Simulator, it’s bright colourful and a bit blocky.

Ultrawings Nintendo Switch Review

Overall, there isn’t a lot of flying games on the Switch, so this may be one to grab if you like that sort of thing. The challenges mostly involve flying through rings and then trying to do something else. Finally, please check out our gaming reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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