UGREEN Nexode 300W USB C Charger: A Powerhouse with a Premium Price

UGREEN Nexode 300W USB C Charger



In the world of chargers, the UGREEN Nexode 300W USB C Charger is a heavyweight contender. Offering an impressive 300W max output, it claims to fast-charge not just one but three laptops simultaneously. But does its performance match up to its claims, and more importantly, does it justify its high price tag? Let’s find out.

Unboxing and First Impressions

After removing the sleeve and separating the two-part box, I was pleased to see the internal packaging is primarily card, with just a few bags for the charger and cables—a win for sustainability. Inside the box, you’ll find the charger itself, a mains flex, a 240W USB-C to C cable, and a user guide.

The charger is weighty, signifying a robust build, yet its footprint is surprisingly compact. Aesthetically, the metallic grey finish gives it a touch of class. At the base, rubber pads prevent slippage, and the front houses four USB-C ports and a single USB-A port.

Features and Performance

This charger is engineered with GaN technology, offering a staggering 300W total charging power. The first USB-C port alone can pump out 140W, perfect for power-hungry devices like the 16″ MacBook Pro. In my tests, the charger operated stably at different voltages—5V, 9V, and 15V—under a load of around 100W.

Temperature management is excellent, thanks to the Thermal Guard System, which scans the charger’s temperature 800 times per second. Even after 30 minutes of use, the front panel only reached around 41 degrees Celsius, while the sides stayed in the low 30s. I would expect a modest temperature rise if pushing it to its full 300W capacity, but nothing alarming.

The Pros

  1. High Power Output: With 300W max output, you can fast-charge multiple laptops, tablets, and phones concurrently.
  2. Quality Build: Premium materials and a sleek design make this charger look and feel robust.
  3. Multiple Ports: Four USB-C and one USB-A port offer flexibility for different devices.
  4. Safety Features: Smart power adjustments and thermal scans protect both the charger and your devices.
  5. Convenient Cable Length: The charger comes with a 2m detachable AC power cable and a 1.5m USB C to C Cable, making it convenient for desktop use.
UGREEN Nexode 300W USB C Charger: A Powerhouse with a Premium Price

The Cons

  1. No Status LED: The charger lacks any form of power or status light, making it difficult to ascertain whether the device is on or charging.
  2. Premium Price: The high cost could be a stumbling block for many potential users.

Safety Concern

The absence of a status or power light is not just an inconvenience but could also be considered a safety issue. This is especially true considering the premium price—something you wouldn’t expect to be overlooked in a high-end product.

Conclusion and Rating

The UGREEN Nexode 300W USB C Charger is a powerhouse designed for those who need a high energy output without sacrificing portability or design. While it does almost everything right, from its robust build quality to its stellar performance, it’s let down by the lack of a status LED, which feels like a glaring oversight for such an expensive device.

Rating: 8.5/10

The Nexode 300W USB C Charger performs admirably in almost all aspects. If you’re in the market for a heavy-duty charger and can stomach the high price, then this is a compelling product. However, the absence of a status LED prevents it from achieving a perfect score.

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