UGEE Graphics Drawing Tablet Review

UGEE Graphics Drawing Tablet



This UGEE Graphics Drawing Tablet not only provides you with spacious working area but also a true paper-feel drawing experience. The graphic art tablet comes with eight customizable press keys on the left side of the tablet, and you can set up the shortcuts according to your preference. Equipped with 5080LPI high resolution, 266RPS report rate, 8192 levels pen pressure sensitivity for no delay or no chopping excellent drawing experience.

UGEE P01 Pen is Battery-free Stylus with 8192 to pressure sensitivity levels to ensure resulting in very smooth and precise lines. So you can create natural-looking lines with different widths and thicknesses.

12 customizable shortcut keys on top of drawing tablets. UGEE 1060 tablets design on a new idea. Attractive appearance with a pen hold to make drawing more easily. Optimize your drawing productivity and efficiency.

Type -C interface, suitable for a wider range of smart phones.UGEE digital sketch pad Specilized in Connecting with drawing App much stabler.Express your creation anytime,anywhere. Committed to giving you a better painting experience.

UGEE Graphics Drawing Tablet Review

UGEE Graphics Drawing Tablet Review

UGEE S1060 Graphics drawing tablets work with Android 6.0 or later which support OTG function. Drawing easily on your smartphone and share with social App. Show your design talent with UGEE animation tablet.

The UGEE S1060 digital tablet is compatible with Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS X 10.10 (or later), Android 6.0 (or later), Chrome OS 88 (or later) and Linux.

When the pressure-sensitive pen is not in use, it can be inserted into the pen slot on the side of the drawing board to prevent it from being lost. The pressure-sensitive pen has a lanyard hole design, which can be matched with your favorite ornaments. Increase beauty.

UGEE Drawing pen tablet is a good partner for Online Education. The pen tablet offers excellent experience for online teaching and learning. Web conferencing, webinars, with screen sharing via Zoom, Google Keep, Google Jamboard’s software, etc., improve your lecture efficiency.

Our drawing tablet also suits your home office. Perfect for taking note, jotting down ideas, and business signature during web conferencing and remote working. The pen can replace your mouse during your video conference.

UGEE Graphics Drawing Tablet Review

Excellent Design graphic art tablet, 10 x 6.27 inch ample active drawing space with papery texture surface. Large active area allows you to release your inspiration ideally. Provides enormous and smooth drawing experience for your digital artwork creation.

grabbed this tablet for my daughter who loves to draw Gatcha and Pokemon, opting for the wireless version because – well – wires are so last millennium. It’s getting wrapped up for Santa soon, but I’ve been sure to have a good play of it before it heads off to the North Pole. I can tell you that setup is easy (Windows 10 back here), and any concerns about latency I may have had when opting for a wireless tablet were unfounded. My daughter doesn’t realise it, but she’ll be using Krita – the free, Open Source painting programme – to create her master pieces. I tried the tablet with GIMP, but pressure sensitivity wasn’t working, so I threw Krita on my machine and everything worked flawlessly off the bat.

The tablet is sturdy, keeps charge for, well, hours and hours and hours, and has great wireless range. And the macro buttons are infinitely useful. I think you can also switch the orientation of the tablet, so you can have the buttons on the bottom if you wish. Anyway, it took some effort to peel of the protective film, but what I realised was that the tablet was equally sensitive with the film on – and that got me thinking: can I trace with it? So I tried, I placed one of my kids A4, photocopier paper drawings on the tablet and starting tracing – and it worked. That’s a really big bonus.

Overall, the UGEE Graphics Drawing Tablet is a great drawing tablet.

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