Two Chimps Coffee Hario V60 Coffee Gift Set Review

Two Chimps Coffee Hario V60 Coffee Gift Set



The Two Chimps Coffee Hario V60 Coffee Gift set includes an 02 sized V60 dripper in white, a measuring scoop, 100 filters and a freshly ground coffee of your choice. Just choose when you drink your coffee from the list below and we will send you some super coffee to compliment your V60 set perfectly.

The V60 dripper is made up of a white plastic. It isn’t much to look at, but it serves it purpose. The filters are basic and allow the coffee to run through it. There isn’t much bleaching or paper coming out the other side.

Two Chimps Coffee Hario V60 Coffee Gift Set Review

Two Chimps Coffee Hario V60 Coffee Gift Set Review

The coffee itself is the headline act, and it’s amazing! We had the Good Morning World coffee. This is a candy-sweet coffee grown and washed processed in Cajamarca, Peru. I could taste a pineapple tang and strawberry sweetness. There are also, hints of lemon sorbet which add a lovely acidity.

As with most online coffee suppliers they offer a subscription service, which allows you and your family to have fresh coffee readyu to go. Two Chimps Coffee offer bright, berry-ish coffees alongside rich darker roasts, so there’s plenty to take your fancy. Once you’ve selected your coffee, click on the grind size you would like. There are six options to choose from, including whole bean if you prefer to grind at home.

You can get your coffee delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly. This means you can tailor your coffee plan to receive freshly roasted coffee whenever works for you. Your lovely coffee will arrive when its natural flavours are at their peak. They deliver every order First Class and free of charge because we think good things should come to those who don’t fancy waiting.

Overall, the Two Chimps Coffee Hario V60 Coffee Gift Set is a greatr gateway to the Two Chimps coffee empire.

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