Twinkly Dots Smart App Controlled Lights Review

Twinkly Dots Smart App Controlled Lights



This unique and innovative 10m smartphone-controlled, colour-changing Twinkly Dots Smart App Controlled Lights will change your home and Christmas lighting displays forever, thanks to the industry-leading bright RGB LEDs, revolutionary app, and numerous colour and effect options.

With Twinkly, you can customise the most brilliant and sophisticated light effects ever, and with continual updates by Twinkly, your display can continue to evolve year on year. The only limitation is your imagination! Each Twinkly bulb features 3 new-generation RGB LEDs, which allows the lights’ seamless colour-changing action and add to the stunning light effects.

Twinkly Dots Smart App Controlled Lights Review

The revolutionary computer vision mapping technology recognises how the lights are positioned, allowing for precise animations. You’re in control of every single one of the 200 LEDs; customise your effects, and share your effects as animated GIF images. You can even draw your designs using your finger on your smartphone; save them in the app and then play them!

Twinkly Dots Smart App Controlled Lights Review

The LEDs are equipped with the newest RGB diffused lens and are specifically designed with a flat head and an opaque layer, to intensify the light effects for unbeatable brightness. WiFi connection dual-mode: choose between Twinkly’s integrated WiFi network, or connect directly to your home WiFi network. When connected to your home Wi-Fi network, ask your vocal assistant, whether Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, to switch on and off your lights, or to change the colours, effects or brightness of your decoration.

Take the stress out of your lighting display and use the Twinkly app’s decorating guide; follow the simple step by step instructions to position your lights with ease. The Twinkly Grouping feature lets you connect up to 10 other RGB Twinkly light sets and use them together, to create bigger, better and brighter displays.

Twinkly Dots Smart App Controlled Lights Review

The brand new Generation II Twinkly controller is more powerful than ever. Also, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, music sensor, enhanced stability and customisable, multi-effect carousel features, this is the smartest Twinkly controller ever.

Overall, the Twinkly Dots Smart App Controlled Lights are a fantastic addition to any home.

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