Twelve South Compass Pro for iPad Review

Twelve South Compass Pro for iPad



The new iPad Pro is a Creative Pro’s dream. Now, meet its easel. The completely redesigned Twelve South Compass Pro is a versatile all-metal folding stand that holds your iPad at three different angles. Use Compass Pro as a hands-free display stand, an interactive desktop or a typing/sketching wedge. Now with SideCar for Mac and iPad, Compass allows you to use your iPad as your second display and sketch stand as well!

This is a beautiful little stand for the iPad Pro which matches the product, unlike most other stands. Whilst I bought this with the intent of using it for my design work which It’s perfect for when it comes to sketching upon the surface you’ll still need to hold the back given it’s not possible to balance the iPad comfortably without worrying it will fall off given the lacklustre support.

Twelve South Compass Pro for iPad Review

There’s no limit to how you use Compass Pro with iPad Pro. Sitting on this stand, vertically or horizontally, you can unlock your iPad with Face ID and tap & swipe away on your favorite apps. Use it as a hands-free display stand for watching videos or as your Square register at the farmer’s market.

Fold down the secondary leg and Compass Pro angles your iPad low- creating an instant typing stand or desktop dock for using iPad Pro connected to a monitor. When you’re done working, Compass Pro folds to the size of a candy bar to fit in your favorite bag so it’s always ready for action.

Twelve South Compass Pro for iPad Review

If you intended on using this for FaceTime calls you’ll have no such luck. This is thanks to the poor angle it gives you. This will result in you showing your forehead and that’s about it. This could have been resolved with a second joint angle. That would lock it at a higher angle for calls.

Compass Pro isn’t just for hands-free use. When it’s time work, Compass Pro tilts iPad to a more natural typing and sketching angle. Work more comfortably for longer anywhere you go – hotels, on a plane or coffee shop. Speaking of the coffee shop, do you really want to set your expensive iPad on a sticky, messy counter? This little stand helps keep your iPad up and away from dirty surfaces.

Thanks to three angle positions, it adapts to the apps you’re using on iPad Pro – vertically or horizontally. Also, it’s your hands-free display stand for FaceTime calls. Lower the third leg to the “desktop active” angle for things like reviewing email and moving objects between apps. Fold Compass Pro down to a typing wedge for sketching, finessing a Photoshop project or as naturally angled keyboard stand when iPad Pro is connected to an external monitor.

Overall, the Twelve South Compass Pro for iPad is a fantastic accessory for an iPad owner. Finally, check out our other reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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