Twelve South BackPack for M1 iMac Review

Twelve South BackPack for M1 iMac



The Twelve South BackPack for M1 iMac is designed exclusively for the colorful new iMac. Contructred from sleek aluminum, the BackPack shelf seamlessly attaches to the back of your iMac stand and becomes part of it. The BackPack has been designed to help declutter your desk by hiding portable hard drives, hubs, burgers or even cat treats behind your iMac.

Worrying about things over heating? Dont! The backpack has vent holes built in, so allows air to flow around it. Everything to attach the backpack to the iMac comes included, including a strap to help secure items if needed.

Twelve South BackPack for M1 iMac Review

Twelve South BackPack for M1 iMac Review

My issue with the BackPack is it is essentially a flat bit of alumium that sticks to the back of the iMac. At £35, this is quite an expensive bit of metal. But, it works and it works really well. The inclusion of the strap, zipties and hooks etc, make for a seamless attachment without any issues.

The positive side of the BackPack is the “hacks” people have been using it for. A great example is putting a hue light on it, so it lights up the back of your iMac. Using it as a place to store keys, wallet etc when you come in. People are turning this bit of metal into a very useful accessory by thinking outside the box a little bit.

I think as a iMac user you would appreciate the extra space and the option to hide a couple of your desk items. Creating a cleaner work enviroment and also a more zen atmosphere.

Overall, the Twelve South BackPack for M1 iMac is really a must-have for any M1 iMac owners.

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