Turbo Sloths PC Game Review

Turbo Sloths PC Game



Turbo Sloths PC Game is a whole new racing Universe. In this race, your primary objective is to use a powerful turbine to make your multi-ton, clumsy truck become as fast as a bolt of lightning! Give your Turbojunk some decent upgrades, install powerful boosters, stock up on active gas, customize every part and component and rush ahead, to show off the true speed. You are to enter an incredible Wasteland League and prove that you are the One, the Madman of Speed.

Unique atmosphere, pristine graphics and red-hot metal are waiting for you. On top of everything mentioned before, the game also features music tracks performed by selected 10 bands – a music powerhouse, like in good old-day racing game franchises!

I’ve been enjoying this game so far! Think of it as a sweet middle spot between Mario Kart and Twisted Metal, with some strong Motorstorm vibes thrown in (but with highly destructible environments making it that much more fun). As this is a new game, I want to give a detailed review to anyone interested in getting it. I’m commenting below on Gameplay, Longevity, Graphics, Theme, and what I Dislike:

Gameplay: There are several game modes and so far they’ve all been fun. There are traditional lap races, but with lots of obstacles, some static, and some that move around or drop on you (particularly if you’re near the lead). The animations/ideas behind these obstacles are so far quite fun too (animal-like robots, ships flying around dropping barrels and bombs and things, etc.). There’s also a deathmatch mode that reminds me a lot of playing Twisted Metal back in the day. You pick a couple of weapons and your vehicle and then you just go at it. There are quite a lot of “drones” in these levels too though (and so far they’ve been sitting in one place), so plenty of stuff to destroy!

Turbo Sloths PC Game Review

Turbo Sloths PC Game Review

Longevity: The career mode progresses pretty slowly and starts quite hard. It takes a while to get used to navigating these “turbo junks” down the road without constantly veering off track. But it only took me 4-5 races to get the hang of it pretty well and to be able to start winning somewhat regularly. The difficulty even then (I’m playing “arcade” mode) is still pretty high. The nice thing about the career mode is that it promises PLENTY of progressions to keep playing, getting new parts, upgrading, unlocking new tracks, etc. Looks like it’ll take quite a lot of investment to move far in it, but so far it’s been enjoyable. Playing split screen on a local computer also brings me back to the good old console gaming days, and I’ve had a lot of fun so far playing this game with both of my sons. It sounds like real online multiplayer (or at least “remote play”) will be beginning soon, but I haven’t had a chance to test it out.

Graphics: The graphics are impressive. A huge upgrade from the last car/destruction game I played. It has ray-tracing and DLSS, etc, and even when turning them on (with max settings), it doesn’t seem to be much of a performance hit on my computer. I’m playing on a laptop with a 2070 Super, so not a great card, but pretty good… so I’m happy that max settings work on my laptop.

Turbo Sloths PC Game Review

Theme: The name, “Turbo Sloths” is an interesting title, but I think the developers started with the idea of very large pieces of machinery (bulky, lots of momentum) and then ramping up their speed to smash them into everything and each other, thus the name “Turbo Sloths”. And they must’ve made the drivers/people look like sloths to go along with the initial idea. Overall it’s set in a general techno-wasteland-type setting which has been fun so far. It’s impressive that so shortly after launch, they also gave an update to play the tracks in “Christmas” mode, which covers them in snow and has snowmen and trees for obstacles, etc. Fun! Also, the little assistant that flies around your car and says stuff (and also shoots weapons) is a fun addition. Cute (in a setting where you wouldn’t expect cuteness).

Dislike: probably my biggest complaint is that the different vehicles (“turbo junks”) look so similar, it’s hard to tell which is which. In general, the theme is a bit monotonous, fun so far, but monotonous. It’d be nice to have a more distinct characterization of the different vehicles, particularly when playing something like a multiplayer deathmatch. And maybe making the weapons feel like they belonged more with one character of a car than another… you know, stuff like that.

Turbo Sloths PC Game Review

Secondly, you can tell that the people writing the text in the game are not native English speakers. With that in mind, they do quite a good job. But if you’re a native English speaker, you’ll notice that a bit of it doesn’t make too much sense or mostly just that the word choice or word order is pretty unnatural. Oh well, minor complaint, and doesn’t prevent comprehension.

There are some aspects of this that you can tell are a work in progress (i.e. getting a multiplayer split-screen match set up has some redundancies that don’t make sense, but it still works… and now that remote play is available but wasn’t initially) – but the great news is that the developers seem committed to doing that work so far and are continuing to improve the game.

Overall, I recommend Turbo Sloths PC Game for anyone who likes a combination of racing and destruction – i.e. for fans of Twisted Metal or Mario Kart or Motorstorm, but with an aesthetic squarely between the first two (i.e far more mature and realistic than Mario Kart, but not as mature/dark as Twisted Metal).

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